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Se Necesita Ayauda Leyendo un docoumento de Matrimonio; Help is needed reading a Marriage document

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By serna_david - Posted on 11 April 2014

The entry link is,64894502,107423301
In the Aguascalientes, Ags. records the path is Aguascalientes > Asunción de María > Matrimonios 1782-1791 > image 91 of 572.
The Family Search index page results are, Jose Antonio Frausto or Roque Spouse Maria Micaela del Sacramento. Sept 14, 1783.
My interpretation is: Jose Antonio (??? typical entry wording), Jose Antonio Frausto, alias Roque, Yndio, Origenario de esta jurisdiccion en el pueblo de San Marcos (Location of the Ferria de San Marcos)Criado en este villa siete Meses. Vecino de la jurisdiccion de Teocaltiche en el via Ojo Juacan (does anyone know this place)en culla parroqia se amonestio y ha mas de un ano re????do esta villa, hijo legitimo de Estevan Frausto y de Juana Maria difunto(s) viudo de Maria Paulina Martinez va a dos anos sepultada en la parroquia del dicho Teocaltiche, con Maria Micaela el Sacaramento, Yndia origenaria en esta jurisdiccion en el Soyatal (Hacienda east of Ags.) y vecina en el Ojo Caleinte y esta villa, hija legitima Juan Jose de la Cruz y Luisa Veltran defuntos (typical entry)

The task, correct my interpretation, Is Jose Antonio Frausto alias Roque the Viudo (widow) of Maria Paulina Martinez or is that a reference to Estevan Frausto viudo de Maria Paulina Martinez? Why Frausto alias Roque? His father is Frausto... or would he take the name Roque if he were a Criado (servant) of a Senor named Roque? Fill in the blank ha mas de un ano re..... esta villa. Residiendo? Is the spouse Maria Micaela del Sacramento is Sacramento the Surname ?

La tarea, corregir mi interpretación, es José Antonio Frausto alias Roque el Viudo de Maria Paulina Martinez o es que una referencia a Estevan Frausto viudo de María Paulina Martinez? ¿Por Frausto alias Roque? Su padre es Frausto ... o iba a tomar el nombre de Roque si fuera un Criado de un señor llamado Roque? Llene el blanco ha mas de un ano re..... esta villa. redidiendo? Ha muerto Estevan Frausto o seulamente Juana Maria? La esposa Maria Micaela del Sacramento, es Sacaramento el Apellido?

Antonio Frausto is the widow of Paulina Martínez, who was buried two years earlier. This is the common format for this kind of record.

I believe the place name is "Río de Ajojúcar", (accents added) which I think is just east of Villa Hidalgo in Teocaltiche. There was an hacienda Ajojúcar in the same vicinity, and Guia Roji has a modern day village of San Ajojúcar.

As for the alias ... names changed for so many reasons it may be fruitless to even guess.

Stuart Armstrong


I descend from the Frausto. I have found originally it was espanol, but due to the mixture they went from mestizo, etc. They populated heavily in Huejucar (Calvillo) and the surrounding reagions. Please feel free to email me.

Daniel Méndez de Torres Camino

I think the groom, Jose Antonio Frausto, was the widower of Maria Paulina Martinez. Usually when a widow/er remarried, they mentioned the name of the late husband/wife, many times not even mentioning the parents.

No idea why he was also known as Roque, maybe he was baptised as José Antonio Roque and some people knew him as José Antonio and others as Roque, but that's just a guess.

I think re¿¿¿¿ reads "renzivido", perhaps recibido in modern Spanish, accepted in English.
According to the RAE dictionary, recibir means among other things: "Dicho de una persona: Admitir a otra en su compañía o comunidad."

I think it says difuntos, so both Esteban Frausto and Juana Maria were deceased.

As for Maria Micaela del Sacramento, I've seen some books from Coahuila in which as you go farther back in time, many indians start being recorded just with given names and no surnames at all. I think del Sacramento is a given name, like Juana Maria. Nevertheless, there are some examples in which children didn't bear the surnames of the parents, but of some grandmother, but I think I've only seen that in families from the 1500's and 1600's.

Victoriano Navarro

David Serna . I have also found a great mix of Espanol an Yndios in the Frausto line in the Calvillo, Ags area. Dna results show 30% Native American heritage for my father. Being Decended from a Fausto from Calvillo, Ags. & Tabasco, Zac. I am waiting to confirm that heritage.

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