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By jrefugioghermosillo - Posted on 29 March 2014

Hola primos,

Have any of you noticed they've changed the URLs on many of the documents at Few of the links I had to source documents now work, meaning having to go back and locate the documents.

I've been working on a list to share with the group, of links to documents relative to Diego Alonso del Pedroso y Hermosillo and his descendants from the branch from which I descend. Now it appears few of them function.

Hours of work, lost… Please tell me this is temporary.

I. DIEGO ALONSO DEL PEDROSO Y HERMOSILLO, casado con Paula Ramirez de Torres

PN Diego Alonso de Hermosillo & Luisa de Nava, 23 Feb 1645, Teocaltiche

DISPENSA Blas Paredes & Ynes Munoz de Hermosillo, Jalos, 14 Mar 1707

DISPENSA Baltasar Arias & Anna de Anda,  Jalos, 27 May 1707

DISPENSA Cristobal Ramirez de Hermosillo & Maria de Anda, Jalos, 26 Dec 1707

DISPENSA Lorenzo Alvarez Tostado & Gertrudis Ramirez, Jalos, 19 Mar 1725

DISPENSA Toribio Reynoso & Cathalina Perez, Jalos, 15 Dec 1727

DISPENSA Cayetano Bernardino de Hermosillo y Alderete & Phelipa Moreno, Lagos, 09 Feb 1728.

DISPENSA Martin Casillas Cabrera & Ysidora Martin del Campo, 13 Dec 1716, Jalos. Source: Sagrada Mitra de Guadalajara: Antiguo Obispado de la Nueva Galicia, p. 116.

DISPENSA Manuel Sanchez de Porras & Apolonia Martin del Campo, 06 Jan 1718, Jalos. Source: Sagrada Mitra de Guadalajara: Antiguo Obispado de la Nueva Galicia, p. 140.

DISPENSA Joseph de Covarrubias & Margarita Martin del Campo, 26 Jul 1725, Jalos. Source: Sagrada Mitra de Guadalajara: Antiguo Obispado de la Nueva Galicia, p. 261.


DISPENSA Luis Flores & Teresa Munoz, Jalos,  17 Apr 1720

DISPENSA Juan Antonio Ledesma & Maria Ramirez de Hermosillo, Jalos, 17 Mar 1722


PN Diego Alonso de Hermosillo, m. Luisa Munoz de Nava, 23 Feb 1645, Teocaltiche. Padrinos: Alonso Ramirez y Paula de Torres.

PN Jose Munoz de la Barba & Catalina Gonzalez de Hermosillo, 29 May 1668, Teocatiche

DISPENSA Francisco Xavier Liberato Cuellar & Maria Gonzalez de Hermosillo, 19 Feb 1751 San Juan.

DISPENSA Miguel Munoz de Hermosillo & Antonia Carrion, 01 Jan 1731, Aguascalientes

DISPENSA Juan Jose Villalobos & Maria Geronima Cornejo, 02 Sep 1785, Encarnacion

DISPENSA Cayetano Bernardino de Hermosillo y Alderete con Phelipa Moreno, 09 Feb 1728, Lagos

DISPENSA Jose Manuel de Padilla & Josepha Macias Valadez, 31 Dec 1731, Jalos. Source: Sagrada Mitra de Guadalajara: Antiguo Obispado de la Nueva Galicia, p. 529.


DISPENSA Jose Manuel de Padilla & Josepha Macias Valadez, 31 Dec 1731, Jalos. Source: Sagrada Mitra de Guadalajara: Antiguo Obispado de la Nueva Galicia, p. 529.


PN Diego Yldephonzo Gonzalez de Hermosillo con Juana de Alderete, 19 Feb 1669, Teocaltiche.

PN Francisco Martin Borxa con Luisa Gonzalez de Hermosillo Alderete , 15 Feb 1708, Pinos

IM Diego Yldephonzo Gonzalez de Hermosillo Alderete con Lorenza Manuela de Cabrera, 25 Apr 1716, Asientos.

PB Micaela Hermosillo Alderete, b. 09 Oct 1688, Teocaltiche

PB Cayetano Bernardo Hermosillo Alderete, 20 Mar 1687, Teocaltiche

PN Sebastian Macias Valadez con Juana de Hermosillo, 06 Jul 1710, Cienega de Mata

PB Diego Alonso de Alderete, 10 Nov 1682, Teocaltiche

PB Rosa Maria Alonso de Alderete, 05 Sep 1680, Teocaltiche

PN Juan Dominguez de Reyna con Elvira de Padilla, 21 Feb 1689, Teocaltiche

PB Sebastian Alonso de Alderete, 11 Feb 1674, Teocaltiche

ENT Juana de Alderete  09 Feb 1723, Pinos

IV. DIEGO YLDEPHONZO GONZALEZ DE HERMOSILLO, casado con Lorenza Manuela de Cabrera

PB Diego Alonso de Alderete, 10 Nov 1682, Teocaltiche

IM Diego Yldephonzo Gonzalez de Hermosillo Alderete con Lorenza Manuela de Cabrera, 25 Apr 1716, Asientos.

PN Diego Yldephonzo Gonzalez de Hermosillo Alderete con Lorenza Manuela de Cabrera, 13 May 1716, Asientos.

PB Vicente Ferel Gonzalez, 15 Apr 1732, Pinos

IM Vicente Ferrer Gonzalez de Hermosillo con Juana Dorothea Diaz de Leon, 01 Jan 1764, Pinos

PN Raphael Gonzalez de Hermosillo con Maria Josepha de la Paz, 29 Aug 1754, Ojuelos

PN Diego Gonzalez de Hermosillo con Maria Luisa de la Paz, 20 Nov 1758, Cienega de Mata

PB Maria Manuela Gonzalez Cabrera, 30 Apr 1734, Pinos

ENT Diego Yldephonzo Gonzalez de Hermosillo, 05 Jun 1735, Pinos.

ENT Lorenza de Cabrera, 24 Sep 1748, Pinos.

V. VICENTE GONZALEZ DE HERMOSILLO, casado con Juana Dorothea Diaz de Leon.

PB Vicente Ferel Gonzalez, 15 Apr 1732, Pinos

IM Vicente Ferrer Gonzalez de Hermosillo & Juana Dorothea Diaz de Leon, 01 Jan 1764, Pinos

DF: Vicente Gonzalez de Hermosillo 20 Feb 1780, Pinos

PB Jose Romano Gonzalez Diaz, 12 Aug 1777, Pinos

PB Maria Guadalupe de Santiago Gonzalez Diaz, 16 Jan 1771, Cienega de Mata

PB Julio Antonio Rafael Gonzalez Diaz, 16 Apr 1768, Cienega de Mata

PB Antonio Rafael Gonzalez Diaz, 03 Mar 1773, Cienega de Mata

PB Maria Josefa Ygnacia Gonzalez Diaz, b. 29 Mar 1779, Pinos

PN Raphael Gonzalez de Hermosillo con Maria Dolores de Avila, 25 Nov 1798, Pinos

PN Jose Trinidad Gil con Josefa Ygnacia Gonzalez de Hermosillo, 23 Jan 1799, Pinos

PN Vicente Gonzalez con Maria Gertrudis de Avila, 14 Feb 1787, Pinos

PN Francisco Xavier Alonso con Juana Dorothea Diaz, 30 Nov 1781, Pinos. (deceased)


PBnieta Maria Ines Gonzalez Avila, b. 30 Jan 1803, Pinos

PBNieto Gegorio Gonzalez Avila, b. 05 Apr 1816, Aguascalientes

PBNieto Jose Mamerto Gonzalez Davila, 11 Jun 1808, Pinos

PBNieto Jose Matias Gonzalez Davila, 24 Feb 1802, Pinos

PBNieta Maria Modesta Gonzalez Davila, 29 Jun 1804, Pinos

PBNieta Maria Francisca Gonzalez Davila, 16 Oct 1800, Pinos

PBNieto Jose Eusebio Gonzalez Davila, 05 Mar 1801, Pinos

PB Juan Chimaco Gonzalez, 02 Apr 1805, Aguascalientes

I had the same problem. Frustrating indeed! However if you delete everything past the "?" on the URLs, then you'll arrive to the original page you had bookmarked. You may have to update all your bookmarks, but at least you won't have to hunt them down all over again. Not sure why they did that, but it makes you wonder if we should be saving the actual documents and not just the links to the documents?

Ruben Rojas

This happened to me also a while back, hours of research lost. I was not able to use old URL's again. So I started saving the actual image to my computer and cropping it, I also use this image as the ancestor picture on my tree for reference and back up.I know how you feel about loosing hours of research.
Good Luck

Thanks, Juan!!!! Though an inconvenience, at least I know I won't have to search for each individual document again! It shouldn't be too difficult to go through the above list and make those changes, so I will post it in this forum when I'm finished.

And Ruben, I do the same: I also use for my main tree, and I download and save then upload the entire image to the tree, tagging all individuals mentioned, thus linking the family members that way. Doing this, I also know when an individual is documented. But I do this only for my direct ancestors and their immediate families; to save time & space, I use the links to the original documents for associated individuals and families (I currently have over 8000 individuals in my tree).

Along with my research notes, I used to list the film roll's name/number & image number ("bautismos 1767-1867 ROLL# img#") in the comments section of each individual, with the URL, but I stopped, thinking it wasn't really necessary. But apparently, it's still a good idea.

I've also begun "sourcing" each event, so all you have to do is click on the link to go to the original file - the link itself is now outdated, but at least it still lists the folder and image number.

Thank you for your tips, primos!

Manny Diez Hermosillo

I think what you are seeing is a manifestation of what the real citation is for the reference.

As an example, the marriage of Jose Maria Rivera and Maria Trinidad Puga on Jan. 30, 1863, at San Antonio de Padua, Cuale: Family Search gives the citation as

"México, Jalisco, registros parroquiales, 1590-1979," images, FamilySearch (,171932302,172228303 : accessed 29 Mar 2014), Cuale > San Antonio Padua > Matrimonios 1826-1912 > image 164 of 437.

This citation is actually composed of two parts:

(1) Where the record is located on the digitized film ... "México, Jalisco, registros parroquiales, 1590-1979," Cuale > San Antonio Padua > Matrimonios 1826-1912 > image 164 of 437.
(2) Where the image was located on the day it was accessed ... FamilySearch (,171932302,172228303 : accessed 29 Mar 2014)

What is lacking is the film number.

However, I think a better citation is "San Antonio de Padua, Cuale, Jalisco, Mexico, Matrimonios, Libro 2, folio 64 (verso)." What I have looked at, however, is a digitized copy on FHL film 1156209, which presently resides at the url noted above.

A couple of years ago I created an index of Aguascalientes matrimonial investigations, amounting to a few hundred pages (and posted here at NR), I recorded the image numbers and used the film identification from Family Search. The films were reposted at some point, and all the image numbers are now off by a small number.

What is posted on the internet is not permanent: how often have you tried to follow a link and it is broken?

Ultimately, we need to record enough of the right information to be able to find the record again.

George Fulton
Pleasanton, CA

Thank you, George, and agreed: we can't expect the images to remain at the same location forever.

As a note, I just discovered, if you're using an older link, when the "Oops…" error page appears, if you remove everything after the "&" in the URL, you will be redirected to the page you're requesting.

These are all relevant tips for the group. Gracias a todos!

Manny Diez Hermosillo

Alicia Avelar Olmos de Carrillo I save all of my documents with the film#, Book or Volume#, Image#, Page or Foja# all this information I save in the notes section of my database. I crop each document and archive it in my database, then I save it in the Amazon Cloud.

By creating a folder for each film# referenced, it makes it easy to find when needed. Here's an example of how I title the folder.
115602-Matrimonios, Villa Hidalgo-Vol#6-1860-1893.
Any marriage record that falls within this time period will be archived in this folder with the respective names of the bride and groom, page#, image# date of marriage and name of the Rancho or Ranchos they were from.


Hours? How about years.
A long time ago you could download an image and save it on your own harddisk. The default filename was about a 12-digit image number that uniquely identified that image. Sweet. Only you couldn't plug the filename in anywhere and get to the image. I thought that image number would be permanent, and hoped someday they would use the number for part of a link. But it never happened.

For that reason and because the internet was slow and unreliable, I started a project of downloading as many images as I could. At first it was OK, and the default filename was a handy way to store things. I began using the filename in my citations. Then they made a change and the filename was no longer visible, and everything defaulted to something like image00001. So I had to manually create a new filename with each image. And I had to develope a new system of naming image files. I incorporated the image xxx of xxx in my filenames.

Then they re-did everything and combined and split up the groups in different ways (called way-pointing), and all my image identification scheme became worthless overnight.

Except that I can still find the images on my harddisk.

For awhile this process was expedited by a little program I found which allowed you to download an entire group of images with one command. You just navigated to the first image, started the program, let it run, and made yourself a sandwich. An hour later you'd have 600 images. I accumulated in all about 30,000 images from Aguascalientes and Jalisco. Then somebody discovered what the little program could do and declared it illegal. It doesn't work anymore.

So I've ended up with 30,000 images that cover two-thirds of my needs, and it still saves time, and I have the images even when the internet is down.

Sometimes I wonder if it would ever be worth it to try to correlate those image filenames with the current location on FamilySearch, but history suggests it will just change again. Methinks someone doesn't get the point - each image ought to have a unique permanent number that can always be used to locate the image again - even if the URL itself changes. But I guess the world doesn't think like I do. Frustrating!

Next best thing I guess would be to permanently embed those cited images in my genealogy program. But that takes a lot of space and slows things down. For now, at least I can still find the ones I've downloaded.

Part of my strategy has been to transcribe the relevant part of each image I cite. I've done this from the beginning. That way, even if the image can't be found, at least I can re-read my own transcription.

Stuart Armstrong

What you mentioned about removing everything in the URL after the '&' is what worked for me. At first I freaked out for about a second, then started removing sections of the URL until it worked, like going to a Parent Directory from a filename.

Also, I had started adding the image # of the film to my file spreadsheet of records, so at least I had a second backup plan for much of my work.

The only thing is since the majority of my family tree entries have a URL referencing the actual record in addition to the transcriptions I've done of the records, now I have to go back and update all those again, but at least I know where to make the change in the URL. Annoying, but not fatal.

Crisis averted, yay!

Sandra Velez

Victor M Gomez


Alicia Avelar Olmos de Carrillo

Victor, si se pueden guardar las imagenes, solo tiene que bajar el programa gratuito de Google que se llama Picasa. Ya bajandolo, haga click en save> enseguida habra el download>hay un toolbar abajo de la imagen que dice edit in Picasa>haga click alli. Se abre otra pagina y seleccione Crop, o recortar. Para selecionar un solo archivo manualmente reduzca la pantalla al tamaño que guste. Si esta borrado el imagen, oprima auto contraste y se aclara la imagen. Si esta chueco, lo puede corregir con straighten, y enseguida guardar su documento como de costumbre.

San Jose, Ca

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