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Luciano Lomellini

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By Visitor - Posted on 22 February 2014

Luciano Lomellini is named in a will of his brother Napoleone Lomellini in 1587.

They are the sons of Paolo Vincenzo Lomellini and Caterina Spinola

Paolo Vincenzo Lomellini is the son of Goffredo Lomellini and one of his two wives

Goffredo Lomellini was married twice, first to Bartolommea Fiesco (daughter of Giacomo Fiesco) and secondly to Novella Cicala ( daughter of Simone Cicala)

Luciano Lomellini is mostly likely born c 1555

There is a Giacomo Fiesco that is a viceroy of Naples and is the father of Saint Catherine of Genoa. I have not confirmed that they are the same Giacomo Fiesco.

St. Catherine of Genoa is the daughter of Giacomo Fiesco and Francesca di Negro. Some times St Catherine's mother is listed as Adorno but I do not know if this is a mistake or if Francesca went by two last names. St Catherine was married to an Adorno which may have contributed to the confusion.

Even though Carlo Lomellini and Luciano Lomellini Spinola are fourth cousins, they both have close family, second cousins and uncles that are in contact with each other's more immediate family. Their families both share business interests with Marco Lomellini Lomellini. Marco Lomellini had children that through marriage continued bringing separate branches of Lomellini together.

Marco Lomellini e Lomellini descends through his mothers branch of Lomellini from Napoleone Lomellini and Teodora di Negro.
This is also the closest relationship that fourth cousins Carlo and Luciano have. Before Napoleone Lomellini, the Lomellini families had some money but Napoleone was the first extremely wealthy Lomellini. Napoleons sons were involved in his business transactions and had to follow the rules left in his will. The original will is no longer in existence but transcriptions of it still exist. The directives in the will were meant to keep the family together. Working together and sharing in the fruits of their labor and inheritance throughout the ages. Leonello is Napoleones oldest son and heir. He had a son named Matteo, Marcos maternal grandfather. Marco took after his Great grandfather Leonello and his great great grandfather Napoleone in wisely choosing his business investments and in sharing many of these interests with family members, even distant family members. Marco also had some business interests with the di Negro family which was also related to him through His great great grandmother Teodora di Negro, Napoleones wife.

Luciano Lomellini descends from Leonellos brother Goffredo Lomellini (grandfather to the other Goffredo Lomelli that was Luciano's grandfather) who also worked in his fathers, business. Luciano also descends from the Spinola family and another rich family the Della Volta. The Volta family rubbed some of the other aristocratic families the wrong way as they were the first to try and corner certain markets like Marco and other Lomellini would do decades and centuries later.
Goffredo's wife, Luchina Lercari, descends from another big time respectable businessman who made it big, but this one made it big when he was disrespected mightily and decided to become a pirate and exact his revenge. He went back to being a respectable businessman, only much wealthier from his successful venture as a pirate. Revenge was sweet for him. His fame has become legend in Italy that some have even wondered if the stories are true. Little stories have been added over the years but the main story is true. This pirates wife had children from a first marriage that would have descendants (Calvo) that were business partners with Marco Lomellini and Giovanni Battista Lomellino ( son of Cosimo Lomellini/ Lomelino). Cosimo's sons Giovanni Battista Lomellino and Urbano Lomellino became rich by associating themselves with Marco Lomellini. So did the Calvo family.
There is a Francisco Lomelino (Francesco Lomellini) that was abducted and forced to work as a slave ( one record I saw said Turkey while another said Northern Africa ) this Francisco is the ancestor to many of the Lomelino family that still lives in Portugal. The problem is that there is a false family tree online that places Francisco with different parents. I am trying to figure out which one is the correct line. They may both be correct and one Franceso Lomellini was held as a slave in Turkey while the other Francesco Lomellini (Francisco Lomelino) was a slave in North Africa.
If anyone is looking to name a child after an ancestor they should choose Napoleone, Leonello, Paolo Vincenzo, and other wonderful names. I would avoid naming a child Francisco Lomeli with the history of Francisco Lomellinis being abducted into slavery.
Since Carlo Lomellini (Carlos Lomeli) also descends from Napoleone Lomellini, This makes his father, Vincenzo, part of this extremely wealthy family.

R A Ricci

Carlos Peredo

I just saw a document in PARES dated ago-16th-1541 where Juan Antonio Brambilla is given permission to bring two black slaves to Indias, and in the same document another Genovese : Tolomeo Spindola "Ginovese" is given the same permission for another two slaves.

I guess this is nothing new but confirms that some of this "American" Genoveses were not unfamiliar with slave trade, and that they had the means to do that.


Carlos Peredo

Also in PARES there is a document dated 1538-5-3 in Valladolid ordering that the 25,000 ducados that Francisco Lomelí (ó Lomelín), Genovés be coined immediately.

By the way, the master person charged with the "coinage" and all things related to precious metals in México City at that time was a "Membrilla" who was designated directly by the King (this document is also in PARES) , this "Membrilla" was probably another Genovese.


Carlos Peredo

The document that covers the 25,000 ducados that Francisco de Lomelín brings is not shown in PARES, but reading again the record about that document I now understand that the gold was to be coined in Burgos, not in Mexico City, so that Gold may have been from The Indias mines

The probable and possible Luis Lomeli are all named Luciano Lomellini. Not one of them is named Luigi Lomellini

The Lomellini family of the 13th,14th, 15th, 16th, 17th, and 18 th centuries, names some women Luigia but did not call the men Luigi. The Italian versions of Luis during this time period, among the Lomellini were Luciano, Luchino, Luchetto, and Luca. There were many named Luciano Lomellini.
There are two Luigi Lomellini in the 19th century. They are first cousins. There is one Luigi Lomellini in the fifteenth century that cannot be our Luis Lomelin.
R A Ricci

The probable and possible Luis Lomeli are all named Luciano Lomellini. Not one of them is named Luigi Lomellini.

R A Ricci

Luis and Carlos Lomelin and their immediate descendants in Mexico never shortened their name to Lomeli.

They shortened it to Lomelin. I, like many other genealogist, occasionally erroneously call them Lomeli. By the middle of the 20th century, most of the descendents have changed the name to Lomeli but this was not true in the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries.

R A Ricci

Does anybody know of any books with information on Luis Lomelin?

Luciano Lomellini Spinola , one of the two primary candidates to be Luis Lomellin who traveled and lived in Mexico is a sixth cousin of Christopher Colombus. There are other relationships but this is the closest that I have calculated so far.

Through another of Luciano Lomellini Spinola family line, he is a sixth cousin to Christopher Colombus's stepmother (Bartolommeo Colon's biological mother)

There is a much closer relationship that needs much more explanation as to its veracity than there is room here. There are numerous chapters explaining how this is possible in the book that I am presently writing. This book will be published soon.

The more I research the possible Luis Lomellini candidates, the more connections I find between Christopher Colombus and the Lomellini/Spinola families of Genoa/Portugal

R A Ricci

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