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Translation help Castañeda Villegas Marriage Dispensation

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By Laura Gonzalez - Posted on 17 February 2014

On the right side. I'm just trying to get out the basics. It's hard to read and it's late and I'm tired. ;-p


4th degree of consanguinity

Groom: Xristobal (Cristobal) Manuel de Castañeda, mulato libre, originario y vecino de los ranchos del Monte de esta feligrasía, hijo legítimo de Fernando de Castañeda, mulato libre, y de Antonia de Cobarrubias, mestiza.

Bride: Nicolasa Romero, mestiza, originaria y vecina de la feligresía de Colotlan en el Puesto de Xoanacatic (Juanacatic), hija legítima de Mathias Romero y de Francisca Godina, difuntos, así mismo mestizos.

Juana de Villegas and Felisiana de Villegas were sisters.
From Juana de Villegas was born Maria de Albarado, and from her Antonia de Cobarrubias, mother of the groom.
From Felisiana de Villegas was born Maria de Villegas, and from her Mathias Romero, father of the bride.

Victoriano Navarro

Laura Gonzalez

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