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Mariana de Lomeli y Juan de Dios Jimenez of Mexticacan, Jal

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By robros12 - Posted on 17 January 2014

Hello Everyone,

I encountered a brick wall on my mother's maternal grandfather's ancestors. They were Mariana de Lomeli and Juan de Dios Gimenez married on Feb 22,1713 in Nochistlan, Zacatecas, they were from Mexticacan,Jalisco. I can't go any further,because they do not list their parents. There is some hints in there marriage record. Their padrinos seem to be Gaspar de Lomeli and Maria Rosa (Quesada?). They are my ancestors through their daughter Juana (Josepha) Jimenez who married Jose Francisco de Xauregui in Nochistlan on 01 Marzo 1743.

Here is the link to the marriage record:

I would greatly appreciate your help.

Thank you

Roberto Rosales Villalpando

I'm not related with the Nochistlán families but have you tried reserching on the Información Matrimonial records? It seems that the year of their marriage has already registers on the Información Matrimonial book. Start lookig 2 months before the marriage or so, because I've seen that sometimes the process for getting married began at that time or even one month before or one month after. If you find their information record you'll find the their parents' names and maybe more details.

Enrique Agraz


Check the following to see if you can find some more clues.

Dispensa of Gaspar de Lomelín. Look at the witnesses also.

Marriage of the son of Gaspar de Lomelín.

As Enrique suggested, always look for the Información Matrimonial records, even for descendants since sometimes they will have witnesses which provide more clues.


Hi Enrique,

Thank you for the suggestion. I did try looking for the Información matrimonial of Nochistlan during that period, there is no récords for información 1707-1730. Do you know where I can find the informacion matrimonio somewhere else?

Thank you
Roberto Rosales Villalpando

Hi Armando,

Thank you very much. I am now wondering whether Maria Rosa Ximenes was sister of Juan de Dios Ximenes, and Mariana de Lomeli and Gaspar de Lomeli were siblings as well. According to other resources Gaspar had a sister named Mariana, and the time frame is somewhat close.

Thank you

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