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Carlo Lomellin

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By Visitor - Posted on 13 January 2014

I just been wondering what is know about Carlos Lomellin. I am a decedent of him through his son Lucas. I have research him and from other post that I have seen I know that he worked on the mines? I know that he came from Genoa Italy. Nobody seems to know who his parents were. Is this because Carlos is a dead end or because nobody has research the records in Italy? 

Hello Alejandro,
I believe that the information that I have discovered on Luis (Luciano) Lomeli (Lomellini) is the last puzzle piece that I needed to finally Name with conviction the parents of Carlo Lomellini. The book could be finished right now if it was only on the descendants and ancestors of Carlo Lomellini. But research of Carlo Lomellimi’s Ancestors has provided much information on the branches of the Lomellini family that went to the Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal) before coming over to the Americas. The research has provided valuable ancestral information on Luis Luciano) Lomeli (Lomellini) and a famous cousin of Carlo Lomellini’s great grandfather.

The book will also include descendants of Luis Lomeli, Carlos’s fourth cousin. I am still working on Luis Lomeli’s descendants. Luis’s descendants are just a relatively recent addition to my research as in the past I had only focused on how Miguel Hidalgo Costilla and I descended from him. This information on Luis is important as it lays to rest the mistaken belief that Carlos (Carlo) and Luis (Luciano) were brothers. Although Carlo Lomeli and Luis Lomeli were only fourth cousins, they were part of a small circle of Italian families on the Iberian Peninsula that intermarried often, and they had second cousins in common. That means that their fathers had first cousins in common, and both of their families were very close to the other two Lomellini branches of the family on the Iberian Peninsula. In fact, there were quite a few in the family in which both parents were surnamed Lomellini. Three of the Lomellini branches were so very closely related before arriving on the Iberian Peninsula that they could be considered part of one bigger branch while the fourth branch was not as closely related before their arrival,, but they intermarried often with the other Lomellini once they came over, even though this fourth branch primarily resided in Portugal. Even though I wrote primarily resided, the families traveled often due to business interests between Genoa, Spain, and Portugal. They also traveled often throughout the Mediterranean and through the English Channel as they moved goods. It was only after decades that the families settled permanently as they enjoyed thinking of themselves as residents of different city-states. Over the centuries, The Iberian peninsula Lomellini branches developed into two separate branches, one in Portugal (Lomelino), and the other in Spain (Lomelin).

Rick A. Ricci
Source: Mygenes2000

My mother’s dna analysis from AncestryDNA shows her to be 18% Italian. Both her parents are from Los Altos De Jalisco. My mother has many Romo De Vivar, Perez-franco(Perestrello), Marin(i) and Lomelin(i) ancestral lines. I believe that these four ancestral lines are the ones that contribute to the majority of her 18% Italian results

While researching my Lomelini ancestors, my work merged with the research that I was doing on a few other Genoese ancestral lines that I was working on. I did not complete my book on my Lomellini ancestors because I wanted to see if I could find DNA evidence by compiling a reference line of descent that stayed in Genoa. Yesterday I attempted to contact, through email, italian descendants of siblings of the ancestors that I have been studying in order set up a dna analysis of their relationships to the the Lomellini descendants in Nueva Galicia. I hope to add these dna comparisons to my book.

Rick A. Ricci

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