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By Visitor - Posted on 13 January 2014

I just been wondering what is know about Carlos Lomellin. I am a decedent of him through his son Lucas. I have research him and from other post that I have seen I know that he worked on the mines? I know that he came from Genoa Italy. Nobody seems to know who his parents were. Is this because Carlos is a dead end or because nobody has research the records in Italy? 

To Leon de Tejada
Your post on Leonardo Lomellini and a business contract, along with a lead from Steven Hernandez, and information already in my possession, led me to go back and research an associate of Marco Lomellini y Lomellini. This has led to an interesting discovery that will finally lead to a completed and published book before the end of the summer. I am in the process of getting a copyright with an outline naming the chapters content and the first half of the chapters already written. I have all the information to complete the book. Once I get word from the publisher, I will provide details as to its content and availability.

Thank you
R A Ricci

On this previous post dated February 01, 2014 I listed only two Carlo Lomellinis alive with only one possibly being our Carlo Lomelin. There was a third Carlo Lomellini that I had originally thought was from a totally different time frame which would make him an impossible candidate but further research showed that the date I was originally working with turned out to not be birth dates. This Carlo Lomellini (2) does have a brother named Luciano Lomellini. Please check on another post of mine titled "are Carlo and Luis Lomelin brothers?" For more information on these two. In that other post I have included their descent from Vasallo Lumello.


Thee information in this post is part of a book that is copyrighted by me. Any use of this information should reference its author.

I have recd many emails asking me about any new news on my research on Carlos Lomelin. The good news is that I have continued my research and found a little more information but the bad news is that I have had to put my work aside lately and will not be able to finish a book by the end of summer. I will add that the window for the brothers Carlo Lomellini(2) and Luciano Lomellini (2) continues to shrink. Important and very specific information of a nephew of theirs makes it unlikely that they are our Carlo Lomellin and Luis Lomelin. Other information(dates of close relatives) also are taken into consideration.

The probability that Carlos Lomelin is the same Carlo Lomellini (1) son of Vicenzo Lomellini and Porzia is increasing as the window closes on Carlo Lomellini (2).

R A Ricci

The two possible Leonardo Lomellini are both alive during the same time period and both related to Pier Francesco Lomellini, one his son and the other is his grandson through Pietros daughter. At least One of these two Leonardo Lomellini is a trade merchant that provided black slaves to new Spain(Mexico). The Leonardo Lomellini ( son of Girolamo Lomellini and Brigida Lomellini - daughter of Pietro Francseco Lomellini) that is the grandson is the one that is positively identified as a merchant having residence in Castilla so he is the most likely Leonardo Lomellini that provided the slaves to the new world. He is also Vicenzo's first cousin ( the Vicenzo Lomellini that is father to Carlo Lomellini (1)). This Leonardo also had daughters and only one son (that did not leave descendants) and that would explain the continuation or transfer of this business to his nephew who later tried to monopolize this business. This was a different nephew, not Carlo Lomelin.
The Leonardo Lomellini that is the son of Pier Francesco could also have been a merchant as his father in law was a big time merchant who also had business interests in Spain and Portugal.
I have been able to identify whom I believe is the most likely Luis Lomelin as a member of a branch of the Lomellini family that had established residency in Castilla.This Luciano Lomellini has a brother that is also identified as being from the Lomellini branch that settled in Castilla and is merchant involved in The slave trade. I have also found more circumstantial evidence that also increases the probability that I have also identified the correct Carlo Lomellini. However, I have not found any documents in Mexico that positively identify them as being the same people.

The information that I have gathered on Carlo and Luis Lomellin continues to slowly build and point towards their probable identification.

So far, I have found four mistakes in the Lomellini section of the book "Genealogie delle famiglie nobili di Genova" written by Natale Battilana

This book is an extremely valuable resource and these four mistakes seemed to have been made by misreading some documents and then placing a daughters name as the spouse or the father in laws name instead of the real spouses name. The good thing about Battiana's book is that the names can be cross referenced with other documents to get it correct.

There are also many omissions. Battilana's book is an incredible resource but any researcher relying solely on this book is making a big mistake. An example of an omission would be that Napoleone Lomellini had a wife before Teodora and at least three of the children are from her. Another example is that Marco Lomellini also had children from two women, one his wife and I am not sure if he was legally married to the other woman who was Portuguese and gave him two sons.

We keep repeating that the Lomelin of Mexico come from the Lomellini from Italy and that is correct for many, many centuries. But I have found that the branch that I have gone furthest back on leads right back to what is today Portugal and Spain. Back to the Visigoth kings of the Iberian Peninsula.
The Lomellini have a line that goes back to Rechila, the Suevic King of Galicia of the fifth century. His mother was the daughter of Wallia, King of the Visigoths. This line leads to the middle of the first century where documentation ends with Berik, King of the Goths.

I finally found a Luigi Lomellini in the 15th century but he was born to early and can't be our Luis Lomelin that goes to Nueva Espana.

The little bits of information that I do find point to Luciano Lomeli Spinola (1) being Luis Lomelin

1. Vassallo da Lumello, Consul de Genoa
2. Ansaldo Lomellini
3 Simone Lumbello (Lomellini ) + Giulia
4. Pietrino Lumbello (Lomellini ) + Tomasina
5. Leonello Lomellini + Catarina
6. Napoleone Lomellini + Teodora di Negro di Giorgio. [these are also Carlo's ancestors] they are 4th cousins
7. Goffredo Lomellini. [
8. Luciano Lomellini + Pometta Spinola
9. Goffredo Lomellini + 2nd wife Novella Cicala But possibly from 1st wife (I did further research but don't have the info in front of me and I don't recall which one was the mother)
10. Paolo Vincenzo Lomellini + Catarina Spinola
11. Luciano Lomellini Spinola

This Luciano Lomellini 's family is the Lomellini family that is found living in Castilla and is one of the Lomellini branches that is involved in the slave trade. Luciano's nephew is involved in the slave trade with permission from the King of Castille. Everything that I find on this Luciano Lomellini adds to the probability that he is our Luis Lomellin.

Adding all the information that we have about Carlo Lomellini we can see why people may have mistaken them for brothers. They both came from an Italian Lomellini family living in Castilla, they both had a connection to slavery, Luis's nephew was a slave trader and Carlo's mother was a slave before his father married her. They both had a father named Vicenzo Lomellini Even though they were distant cousins (4th cousins) their families were in contact with each other through their associations with Marco Lomellini, their relative. Marco made good use of his relatives to employ them in his many business ventures. Marco also brought his wife's family into his business ventures. Luis Lomellini Spinola was also related to Marco's wife through his mother Catarina Spinola and his great grandmother Pometta Spinola.

R A Ricci

Dear Mr. Ricci
I found record of a marriage of Dona Juana Patino Villasenor to Juan Vergara (?) Lisalde. Diego Ysla Heredia was a testigo and also noted as escribano publico for Valladolid.
The record is from 1628 Valladolid. Here is the link:

Familysearch Mexico, michoacan, morelia, sagrario metro matrimonios1623-42 image 264.

Juan Vergara Lisalde was not present, but was represented by another man.

Since you mentioned Juan Villasenor Patino, thought you might be interested. If you know how Juan and Juana are related, please post. And if you know of any connection to Juana de Heredia Patino (wife of cristobal sotelo moctezuma), or her heir, Lorenzo Patino de Vargas, please post.

Denise Fastrup

Dear A. Ricci, I am fascinated by your account of the Lomelini's and I too am trying to write a book on the Gonzalez Hermosillo, but like you, it is taking a long time. I have been doing my research for 6 years now and keep finding mistakes, so I go back to stage one. My connection to the Lomeli's is: Geronimo I, born 1669 in Jalostotitlan, was married to Martiana Lomeli Gavilan and I am trying to find her ancestors. I love doing this and should have been a genealogist.
My E-mail is:
Have you published your book?

Dear Alma,

I have her as Matiana (Martiana) Lomelin y Gonzalez de Hermosillo (Gavilán), daughter of Jose Lomelin y Hurtado de Mendoza (bap. 22/Apr/1640) and Michaela Gonzalez de Hermosillo y de Torres

Jose is the son of Domingo Lomellin and Juana Regina de Mendoza

Domingo Lomelin is the son of Carlo (s) Lomelin(i) and Maria Benavides y Cortes.

Michaela Gonzalez de Hermosillo y de Torres is the daughter of Francisco Munoz de Cabeza de Hermosillo and Francisca de Torres.

Geronimo and his spouse Matiana (Martiana) were related through the Gonzalez de Hermosillo.

The last name was not Lomeli. It was Lomelin. Carlos Lomelin was Carlo Lomellini in Italian.

I have much more information on these lines.
I hope this helps,
R.A. Ricci

Martiana Lomelini Gavilan
Submitted by almadegollings on Thu, 2016-07-14 17:14.
Dear A. Ricci, I am fascinated by your account of the Lomelini's and I too am trying to write a book on the Gonzalez Hermosillo, but like you, it is taking a long time. I have been doing my research for 6 years now and keep finding mistakes, so I go back to stage one. My connection to the Lomeli's is: Geronimo I, born 1669 in Jalostotitlan, was married to Martiana Lomeli Gavilan and I am trying to find her ancestors. I love doing this and should have been a genealogist.
My E-mail is:
Have you published your book?

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