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By rlm99x - Posted on 13 December 2013

I came across a dispensation record for Antonio Peralta and Manuela Munoz dated March 16, 1787. Manuela is the daughter of my 5th great grandfather. There seems to be a lot of drama associated with this document. I think I have the jest of it, but unfortunately my Spanish (even with the help of my on line translator) isn't good enough to be absolutely certain I understand the issue.

I'm not looking for a complete translation, but if someone can take a look at it and tell me what this was about, I would appreciate it. I'm particularly interested in the testimony of Refugia Munoz and Rafaela Munoz. Thanks.

Groom: José Antonio Peralta.
Bride: María Manuela Muños
Witness: Josefa de Muños, sister of the Bride. Claims that they can not get married since the groom had sexual relations with the widow María Refugia Muños, first-cousin of her. All this according to what Rafaela Muños, sister of Refugia, had said.

Victoriano Navarro

Thank you. I appreciate it.


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