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By victorianonavarro - Posted on 08 December 2013

I just got my Geno2.0 results and my ethnic percentiles are similar to those from US citizens of Mexican descent. My Y-DNA haplogroup was reassigned as R-CTS4065 (R-P310 according to FTDNA) and my direct paternal line comes from Coahuila, although according to one source this Navarro family may have originated in Jalisco.
I tried to convert the Geno2.0 data in order to analyze it with DIYDodecad but I guess I'm doing something wrong since when I try to run the program I get an error message. I have previously run it with FamilyFinder files with no problem. Has anybody tried this successfully?
Best regards,

Hello Victoriano,

I had my wife get the Geno 2.0 test and she also closely matches U.S. citizens of Mexican descent. I have read elsewhere that the Mex30 from Hapmap3 that is found in the spreadsheet that we have talked about before from the Dodecad website is also of U.S. citizens of Mexican descent.

I was able to use my wife's file with DIYDodecadWrapper_1_3 which is the latest version. Are you using version 1.3?

FamilyTreeDNA does not update your terminal SNP based on the Geno 2.0 results. You need to transfer your Geno 2.0 results to FTDNA then copy and paste all of your SNP markers into the following site -

To see an example go to then look up kit 289975. You will see that it says R-P310 then copy and paste the SNP markers to the right of that into then select FTDNA format (transferred Geno 2.0 results) and Experimental tree then enter the Captcha code then click on predict. This will give you the terminal SNP and other equivalent SNP markers. This kit shows the terminal SNP to be Z210.

Are you willing to post your SNP markers here?


I found some more info on CTS4065. You should also be positive for Z295, Z210, and Z195. They fall under DF27 which is the most recent subclade project you could join. It is at the following site -

One of the group admins there made the following tree diagram

You will see C4065 (CTS4065) under Z295.

Apart from the Yahoo forum made by the project admin there is a DF27 forum which has a lot of very good information at

There is a thread there that is specifically about CTS4065


Hi Armando,

Thanks for your help! Indeed I was using an older version of Dodecad. After trying the one you suggested I got the analysis with no problem. I will try your suggestions regarding the SNPs later today or during the week. When I transferred the Geno2.0 data to FamilyFinder they did update my terminal SNP according to their chart. They used to list me as R-M269 and after the transfer they put me under R-P310 (and still, they show other 10 terminal SNP tests I could order, never ends!).

I'm not sure about posting all my SNP's online, but indeed I'm Z195+, Z210+, Z215+, Z220+, Z268+, Z274+, and Z295+.

¡Saludos y gracias!
Victoriano Navarro

Hello Armando and Nuestrosrancheros,

According to , my terminal SNP is the same given by Geno2.0 in my haplogroup classification: CTS4065

This suggested classification does not account for the following positive SNPs
F2302 (Geno 2.0 results are erratic for this SNP)
L566 (mis-called by FTDNA?)
PF15 (mis-called by FTDNA?)
PF601 (mis-called by FTDNA?)
PF720 (mis-called by FTDNA?)

The most likely haplogroup is R1b1a2a1a2a1a~1~1, or R1b-CTS4065
Best regards,

Victoriano Navarro

Hello Victoriano,

Ok, I had seen not the transition from FTDNA M269 to P310. It might have been happening for a while. However, FTDNA hasn't updated it's phylogenetic tree to reflect what is in in ISOGG - They had a Genealogical Conference recently where they said they are going to update it but it still hasn't happened. That is why FTDNA is still showing there are other SNP markers you can test for. Even though FTDNA put you under P310 and lists other SNP markers that you can test for P312 is the only one in the list that you would be positive for and FTDNA would update you with that one. It is unnecessary to test for that though since FTDNA will probably update your terminal SNP once they update the phylogenetic tree.

If you read the forums in the links I provided you will see that Spain is heavy in DF27 but it is also heavy in it's upstream SNP P312. Since we know you are Z295+ you are inferred to be P312+ and DF27+.


Hi Armando,
Thanks for the info, although I have to say that after seeing my Geno2.0 results with roots from so many different parts of the Word, these SNP searches trying to pinpoint a single tribe or region don't seem to be a priority to me, at least for today. When I got the FamilyFinder results from my parents, the colored maps were pretty much restricted to Europe, the Mediterranean, the Middle East, India and México. The Dodecad tables certainly showed many more regions of the Globe, but they were just numbers. However, the Geno2.0 colored maps showed me a very large portion of the Planet (7 of the 9 regions they have), and that made me feel more a part of everywhere than any other kind of data I saw before, even the migration maps that take one's ancestors through all these places. So, maybe my ancestors didn't live in all those places, but today somebody lives there who may share with me a small and very specific DNA sequence.
Have a nice week!
Victoriano Navarro

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