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By donnagonzalez - Posted on 21 October 2013

Hola! Hello everyone!

My name is Donna Gonzalez. Never wrote on a forum before so here goes, my apologies if it's not standard. :) A bit of background on me, I'm a adjunct graphic design instructor who also has worked in the archival department of a local museum doing art history research for a collection of 500 old photographs. I love digging in and about studying the past. I can do iconography and enjoy it. (to ad nauseum) Weird, I know, but it helped me fill in missing parts to that photo collection and I was able to craft the story the photographs told and about the photographer himself.

I have done some research of my family history and was always intrigued and wanted to know more about my Mexican grandmother's family. I only knew what was orally past down to me from my grandmother, who is deceased now. She didn't have many dates and some locations were too general. I've already did some research on both my maternal and paternal grandparent's but have gotten stuck, I can't seem to go back any farther on either side of my grandmother's grandparents side. Maybe someone can point me in the right direction?

Almost forgot here's my family info so far at:

Here is a short summary of what's in that link above:

My grandfather Alfredo Enriques Mercado born in 1896 in Tepetongo, married Amelia Acevedo in January 1913. He was the eldest of 12 children, she the youngest of 3.

They traveled from Mexico, to Illinois to Detroit in the early part of the century (1900s) by following the railroads. They had 9 children, 6 deceased 3 living.

My grandfather's parents were Benito Mercado and Longinia Enriques and my grandmother's parents were Marquez Acevedo and Guadalupe (don't have her maiden name)and I have no dates, so I'm thinking maybe both sets were born around 1840's and married around 1860's.

Interested? visit the url.

So if you have any Mercados, Acevedos, Nava, or Enriques in your ancestry do drop me an email. I'd love to correspond with you.

One other thing....I've posted a photo of me, it has been told by several of my family members, living and deceased, and it actually happened to me, but those of you who are Mercados out there, maybe you've heard this.....I was told you can tell a Mercado by their eyes. Really, not making it up. Anyhoo, visit my folder and email me.

Take care,

Donna Gonzalez


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