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Diego Ruiz-Nunes and Catalina or Luisa Catalinia Delgadillo

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By RaquelRuiz - Posted on 20 October 2013

I've advanced my Ruiz line to Diego Ruiz-Nunes, md to Luisa or Catalina
Delgadillo, by way of their son, also Diego Ruz-Nunes and his wife, Anna
Gonzalez de Hermosillo, natural daughter of Pedro Gutierrez de Hermosillo.
Two of Diego and Anna's four children that I have identified where
baptized in Cuquio, Jalisco: Blas b. 6 Feb, 1676, md to 23 Jan 1718 in
Cuquio to Catharina de Lisarde; Diego b 15 Sep 1691. Their other two
children are Cayatano who md Juana Rovalcaba Estrada in Cuquio 4 Feb 1712,
and Paula, who md Melchor Rubalcaba y Rodriguez de Frias.

My sources are my research on and Retonos de la Nueva
Galicia, Tomo VII, p 179.

I have no idea where Diego Ruiz-Nunes and Luisa or Catalina Delgadillo
live. They probably were born mid1600s. Anyone else researching this

I would appreciate any assistance or suggestions anyone might have.

Thank you.

Raquel Ruiz

Carlos Peredo

Hello Raquel,

I haven´t researched Diego Ruíz Núñez but I have a guess that he may be a son of Pedro Ruíz de Velasco y Haro Navarrete born ca 1588 in Ayamonte, Spain and Anna Núñez Bohórquez also from Ayamonte, this couple married around 1615 and had the following documented children:

Pedro Ruíz de Haro y Velasco Navarrete b20-nov-1618 in Mexico City

Mencía Ruíz de Velasco y Haro born around 1630, she married Diego Hernández Gamiño y Gómez de Espejo circa 1650 (probably in León, Gto or Aguascalientes)

María Ruíz de Velasco Núñez who married Cristóbal Hernández Gamiño in León, Gto in 1653

Chronology fits very well because Diego Ruíz Núñez must have been born around 1620, marry Catalina Delgadillo around 1645 and then their son Diego Ruíz Núñez II could have been born around 1650 and marry Ana González de Hermosillo around 1675, so their first son Blas was baptized on feb, 6th 1676.
I think we will know soon if this hipothesis is correct or not.

Carlos A. Peredo


Do you have the following in your Ruiz Family Tree:

Eduardo Ruiz married Anastacia Hinojosa

Martin Ruiz (b.around 1872) married Gregoria Valdez (b. around 1888)
Hipolito Ruiz
Marcial Ruiz
Victor Ruiz
Aleja Ruiz

Martin Ruiz (my maternal great grandfather) Children:
Sebastiana b. 1914 (my maternal grandmother)
Jose Bernave
Todocia b. 29 May 1921


Carlos, I'm embarrassed to day that I just saw your email, a year late. I have not had the time to do much genealogy research, but I'm trying to get back to it. I will keep my eye out a connection with Pedro Ruiz de Velascdo y Haro Navarrete and Anna Nunez Bohorquez. A very belated thank you.


Rosalva, Sorry, I just saw this posting. I do not have these Ruizes, so I don't think they are in my direct line. I note cousins when they come up but don't actively look for them.


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