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Zacatecas/Aguascalientes Locations

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By Alvaradojenny - Posted on 08 October 2013

Hi I'm looking for family that lived in these Locations: Mesillas,El Tepetate,El Pastor, Tierra Blanca, Noria de Molina, Rancho del Refugio, Zac and Asientos, Tepezales, Bimbaletes, Guadalupe de Alta, Aguascalientes.

Surnames in Zacaatecas location listed above are: Guerrero, Lomeli, delgado, Legovia,Monreal, Casillas, Mendoza, Vera, and Alvarado

Surnames in Aguascalientes are: Guerrero, Monreal, Araujo, Gonzales, Leiva(leyva), Flores, Vera, Galindo, Llanas, Gutierrez, Fraustro, Verdeja, Duran, and Marcias.

Here are some Relatives
Rancho Del Pastor:

Luciano Guerrero est. date of marriage to Eusevia Luevano (Luebano)1790-1797

some of His kids: married or born in El pastor or El tepetate, Zac
Ma. Josefa G. Dob/bapt:4/18/1797 = Justo Vera MD: 2/7/1833 in Asientos, aguas
Jose de la Trinidad G. dob/bapt: 6/5/1801
Maria gertrudis G = Md: Francisco Puebla 4/6/1812 in Tierra Blanca, zac
Ascencion G = md; Jose Maria Gomez 4/23/1827 in asientos
Juan G = md: to Juliana Leyva (leiva) in asientos 8/31/1828
his son Luis Guerrero md to Gregoria Lomellin (lomeli) in el tepetate,zac
Mesillas, zac

Bonifacio Alvarado md to Celsa Sanchez in Rancho del refugio on 5/1863

his son: Serapio Alvarado md to Ma. Refugio Gutierrez from Mesillas,Zac
his daughter: Ma. Ynes Alvarado md to Crispin Lomeli in El tepetate, zac

Asientos, Aguas

Rosalio Guerrero = md to Maria Refugio Silva (est time of marriage 1870-1875)

His kids:
Maria cruz G est dob: 1876-1878 married to Aniceto Gallegos est date 1895-98
J. Natividad G. est dob: 1880-1887 = md to Rosario Duran 1/1908
Dionicio G est dob: 1884-1889 = md to Maria Refugio Lara 4/20/1907

Bimbaletes/ Guadadlupe de alta, aguas

Reducindo Galindo & Porfiria Reyes

Natural kid

Victoriano Galindo DOB/baspt:9/8/1886 in Las Norias. md to Juana Chavarria in 3/1907

asientos, aguas

Refugio Legovia md to Jose Refugio/Reyes Delgado on 6/1/1878

Cornelio Palacios & Hilaria Guerrero had natural child Ma. Merced Palacios in Terria Blanca,zac

Ma.Gabina Guerrero md to Luis Araujo in 4/25/1890.

if anyone have any information please let me know

Thanks JA

Hi Jenny

I have an Araujo on my family tree, from armadillo de los infantes SLP, living in the 1700s. Let me know if you wnat more info.

Denise Fastrup

I have several lines in Aguascalientes, some of them might be related to the same ones you are researching: Flores Alatorre, Guerrero, González de Hermosillo, Frausto, Durán, Macías Valadés. Send me what you have and I can look it up, I might just have some document that can help.

Daniel Méndez de Torres Camino
Río de Janeiro, RJ

HI Daniel,

If you click on my user name alvaradojenny, it will show my information. You want to click on the TRACK. The file folder has a Genealogy report of Luciano Guerrero where it has all the surname i listed and more. Please let me know if you recognize some of the people.

Jennifer Calcagno

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