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anyone know what this document's about

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By katy_brecht_quesada - Posted on 10 September 2013

i think it starts at page 32 or something, i'm not quite sure what this is about

I was not able to follow the link you provided. Can you verify that it is correct?

the link i provided starts on page 40, and it worked for me though. but here's another link that starts on page 38

The first part is a regular Información Matrimonial, where they are making sure bride and groom are single and have not pledged a life of celibacy.
The second part is a little confusing but is seems like they are trying to figure out whether the couple had a valid marriage ceremony or not. I think the priest who married them had made something, so he was suspended, and then he performed the marriage ceremony, but he was not allowed to do so (image 49, side notes).
Part of this is a little like the plot of Alfred Hitchcock's comedy "Mr. and Mrs. Smith".
Victoriano Navarro

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