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Marriage Record for Jose Maria Roman and Ygnacia Orosco in Jerez 1794

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By magicalme - Posted on 11 June 2013

I have found the marriage record for my 4th Great Grandfather, Jose (Baptism name is Joseph) Maria Roman and his wife Ygnacia de Orosco. I am getting a tad bit better with reading baptism records but marriage records are a whole new world. If I am understanding this correctly, it says that his parents, father-Bernardo, and mother Ysavel is deceased by the time of this marriage, or just his mother is. And that Jose is from San Juan?
I do not understand much on this record and any help will help a great deal.

Thank you so very much in advance!

Here is the link to family search. The entry is on the bottom of the left page and it carries up to the top of the right page.

only jose mari's mom ysabel is desceased, since it has difunta next to her name. if it said difuntos next to the mom's name then one can assume both parents are dead. not sure if they are talking about the city of san juan or a ranch nearby the city of jerez.

Ok, I thought that may have been what that was but was not sure, (mother deceased).

It seems as though this record has so much information on it but I am missing almost all of it due to the language barrier.

Thank you Katy,


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