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Need help finding Gabriel Torres & Maria Jacova Guerra

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By amtorres - Posted on 11 June 2013

I need help in finding my great grandparents Gabriel Torres and Maria Jacova Guerra. My grandfather Santiago Torres always said he was from Matanzas, Jalisco. After much research I was able to find his baptismal record in Lagos de Moreno baptismal records. The record says that his parents, Gabriel Torres and Maria Jacova Guerra were residents of Rancho Nuevo, Jalisco and that they registered his birth in the Hacienda Cienega de Mata. (See bap. record translation below)
Isn't Rancho Nuevo close to Teocaltiche? If yes, then why would they have baptised him in Lagos de Moreno?

I have tried searching for his parents birth records based on their reported ages in family search but haven't been successful. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what municipalities I can search? Any other suggestions? I have hit a brick wall with my grandfather's side of the family.

Thank you, Arlene Torres

Baptismal Record:
Paleographic Transcription
[English Translation]

[From Margin:]
number 283
two hundred eighty-three Santiago Torres
Rancho Nuevo

[From the Center:]
In the Hacienda Cienega de Mata in July 29 of 1899 (one
thousand eight hundred and ninety-nine) at noon in the
presence of undersigned Political Commissar, appeared
the Citizen Gabriel Torres, field laborer of thirty years old,
resident of Rancho Nuevo, civilly and canonically married
with Maria Jacova Guerra of thirty-two years old
[showing] [sic] his son Santiago, who was born in twenty-
fifth day of the current month at eleven at night.= Were
witnesses of this written record, the Cititzens Camilo
Gonzalez, and Juan Rangel, both majors old, married,
field laborers of the same neighborhood. they agree this
written record which was read to them, and they not
signed by not knowing.- Is copy that I certify.= Cienega,
July 29, 1899. the Political Commissar. Basillio Lopez de