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By Gilberto - Posted on 26 April 2013

My GgggggGrandpa Thomas Ramires and Maria de Guerta were married on Jan 29, 1749 in Zacoalco de Torres, Jalisco Mexico. I found this entry on Family Search
but cannot find it on the microfiche rolls. I tried going to the following link
but had no luck. I feel like I'm looking in the wrong place. Please help.

Just curious, can you tell me who are your Bonal ancestors? We may be related through that line too.

Hello Steve, well guess what I found.

My dads paternal great grandmother(Maria Ysabel Castillo) great grandpa Luis Antonio Castillo Bonal was baptized by Francisco Bonal and Maria Ysabel Gutierrez on 19 Jun 1775 in Zacoalco. Your great... grand parents also baptized Juan Jose Castillo Bonal 06 Feb,1779 who was Luis's brother. Their father was Francisco Castillo and their mother was Leonicia Bonal(Dionisia Bonal). Look into this and let me know what else you find. Based on your chart Gertrudis Aniceta Bonal was baptized April 17, 1765. This leads me to believe that Leonicia Bonal and Francisco Bonal were probably brothers. Luis Castillo Bonal and Maria Valdes had several sons and daughters. Mariana Castillo Valdes was one daughter that married Prudencio Valencia Anguiano. Prudencio Valencia and Mariana Castillo gave birth to a Maria Concepcion de Jesus that married into the Uribe Echauri family(Alberto Echauri Uribe). Maria Concepcion and Alberto Uribe were the parents of Ramon, Manuel and Alberto Uribe Valencia. Your grandparents would have told you stories of Ramon and Manuel Uribe Valencia. Their grandpa Prudencio Anguiano Valencia owned the Hacienda del Gancho in Sta. Catarina. Luis Castillo's son, Ygnacio Castillo Valdes(who's sister married Prudencio Anguiano Valencia) was a foreman in charge of the Hacienda. Ygnacio Castillo's daughter, Maria Ysabel Castillo, married Jose Maria Celso Ramires who was my dads great grandpa. The Valencia Uribe brothers frequented my dads grandpas house for many years. My dad has many stories about the Valencia Uribes but was unaware that he was related to them thru his Great grandmother. Now that he knows, everything makes more sense now. The Uribe Valencia family was very close to the Ramirez family, they were relatives. There's a lot more that I will be sharing. I will be asking my parents if they knew your parents and great grandparents.

Your Primo

Wow...This is more than cool. We descend from Maria Gomez who married Felipe Arreola(great grandpa). They had my grandfather Poli Arreola. My mom says that Urbano Gomez Moreno died Nov 2 1948. She remembers that date because her brother was born on the same day. My grandpa Poli used to tell my mom that my uncle, who was born on the same day Urbano died, was a reincarnation of Urbano, and he was serious about it. Elena Curiel baptized my grandmother Guadalupe Govea. My mom and dad say that Elena lived a very very long life.

Yes, my father told me some stories about la hacienda El Gancho and the family Uribe Valencia. What I didn't know is that they were related to the Bonal family, and thus, related to both of us. The tree that I have on nuestrosranchos is a little bit outdated and I have found additional information. I do have your ancestor Leonicia(Dionicia)Bonal in my family file as well as her husband Francisco Castillo and her children. I did a small research on this family not long ago trying to break a wall, and I can tell you with certainty, that Dionisia is the daughter of Francisco Bonal and Ysabel Gutierrez. I haven't found Dionisia's marriage documents, but I did find her baptism record. This is what I found about this family when checking lots of records.

Francisco Bonal was originally from Zacoalco. On several documents it is stated that he's the son of "padres no conocidos". His wife Ysabel Gutierrez was from Santa Cruz in Tlajomulco and they married there on 26 Feb 1748. Here's a link to their marriage record. It's the second on the second page:

Well, they had several children baptized in Tlajomulco, the youngest being your direct ggggreatgrandmother Dionisia Franca. Bonal, baptized on 20 Apr 1749. Her baptism is the first on the second page here:

Sometime right before 1760, the family moved to Santa Catarina and the rest of their children were born there, including my 4th great grandmother Gertrudis Aniseta Bonal, baptized on 23 Apr 1765. This is her baptism:

So you see, Dionisia and Gertrudis were sisters. We also have common ancestors with Francisco Bonal and Ysabel Gutierrez. I did compile info on Dionisia's children but I did not go any further since I tried to focus on my direct ancestors. I really had no idea that we share a common ancestor with the Uribe Valencia family. I have also been told that my Apodaca ancestors also worked as capataces in the hacienda, and probably the family ties, though distant, may explain that. Last time I went to Mexico, I bought a booklet about Catarina and some of the hacienda's history. I read it with interest, but now I will appreciate that history even more. I would love to know your stories from Catarina. I will contact my dad and tell him about what you told me. By the way, do you have a facebook account?

Steve in NC

On our Gomez Moreno connection, I vaguely remember that my father once told me about Maria Gomez and Felipe Arreola. My father and I recently saw a photo on facebook of Aurelio Arreola, whom he calls uncle. He's related to you, right? I'm not so sure your date on Urbano Gomez's death is correct. I have his death certificate issued in Guadalajara that says he died on April 7, 1930. My father says he had a charcoal business in Guadalajara. One day, he was robbed and he got so upset that he died "de un coraje" as the family used to say. Do you know about this story? Indeed, my great grandmother Elena Curiel lived a long life. She was born in Atenguillo in 1900, and died in the year 2000, a month or two after the family celebrated her 100th birthday. Even though I was not there, I have some photos of the mass her children gave her for her 100th birthday.

By the way, if any of the moderators read this message, I remember I was told that after making a direct contact with someone else, we should continue with the message exchange through private emailing, but I wanted to leave these messages on Nuestros Ranchos, hoping that some other primo doing a site search in the future finds this and we keep expanding our family tree. Thanks, Joseph, Arturo, and all the volunteers for all you have done for us.


I sent you a private message yesterday using the option "contact" under your Personal Information page. I'm not sure if the message goes to your email address or to a dedicated folder into your personal account. You mentioned that you sent me a private message. Where and how do I check for that message. I've been looking thru the whole website and can't seem to find how to check for PM's. I do not have a Facebook account. Please advise

I did not receive any message in my email inbox. I suspect the contact form on nuestros ranchos is not working right. If you want to message me directly, my email is . You should sign in for a facebook account. If interested, mine is



Hi Gilberto, I noticed that we could be related. As well as Steve Apodaca (to whom i have been in contact for a long time), I research in the same area of Zacoalco and Sta Catarina, where my grand father was born and most of my/his ancestrors come from. I noticed we have some lastnames in common. Please contact me so we can compare. I`d be glad to share. My grand father was a TOSCANO, and I also have info, between my lines, the Castillo, Quiñones and Bonal. Some other lastnames I have some info like: Ramirez, Arreola, Govea.

If interested please contact me.



Hello Alessandro,
My mothers great grandfather Camilo Arriola (b. July 1838, Sta Catarina) was a Toscano thru his mother Maria Severa Toscano
(b. Nov. 1802, Sta. Catarina). Maria Severa Toscano was married to Jose Sebero Arriola Quinones (b. Nov 7, 1800, Sta. Catarina). My fathers great grandfather Jose Maria Ramirez Arriola (b. August 1856, Sta. Catarina) was married to my great great grandmother Maria Ysabel Castillo Hernandez (b. Nov 6, 1858 Sta. Catarina) who was the daughter of Ygnacio Castillo Valdes (b. Oct 15, 1818). Ygnacio Castillo was the son of Luis Antonio Castillo Bonal (b. June 11 1775, Sta Catarina) who was the son of Francisco Castillo and Lionisia(Dionisia) Bonal. Steve and I share great(x6) grandpa Francisco Bonal(1723) and he was the father of my great(x5) grandma Lionisia Bonal (b. April 1749) and his great(x...)grandma Gertrudis Aniceta Bonal (b. April 1765). Lionisia Bonal marries into the Castillo blood line and Gertrudis Bonal marries into Apodaca blood line. Steve and I share more recent last names. We share our great great grandpa Jesus Gomez and great great grandma Maria Ysac Moreno. Steve provided me with a PDF on the Bonal blood line. It is very detailed and I was able to discover where the Bonals came from and dates that I did not have. Steve was able to show me the link between Lionisia Bonal and Gertrudis Aniceta Bonal. Thanks Steve. I have traced my Ramirez ancestors to Ciudad Guzman (Zapotlan el Grande) and have hit a road block. I am also a Govea thru my grandmother Maria Guadalupe Govea Veronica and have researched the Govea's back to my great(x3)grandpa Luz Govea. My mother is an Arreola Govea and my father is a Ramirez Ramirez. It strikes me that we do not know each other considering the last names that we share. I will greatly appreciate any information that you can provide me. I am very interested in the history of Sta. Catarina so if you have any stories please feel free to share them with me. Let me know if I can email you more details on the info that I have on Ramirez, Arreola, Govea, and Castillo last names. Again, special thanks to my cousin Steve Apodaca for introducing another cousin. Welcome to the family.

Alessandro, your ancestor Jose Luis Toscano was my great great great grandmother Maria Severa Toscano Gutierrez brother. Their parents were Jose Leonardo Toscano and Maria Gertrudis Gutierrez.

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