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By Gilberto - Posted on 26 April 2013

My GgggggGrandpa Thomas Ramires and Maria de Guerta were married on Jan 29, 1749 in Zacoalco de Torres, Jalisco Mexico. I found this entry on Family Search
but cannot find it on the microfiche rolls. I tried going to the following link
but had no luck. I feel like I'm looking in the wrong place. Please help.

It's in Film number: 233873 which is Matrimonios 1755-1784

You might have to go page by page to find it.


Gil Ramirez
Thank you very much, I found it. Now the problem is that I cannot read it. I can read only that Thomas Ramires was from Zapotlan and Vecino de "Zacoalco" for 4 years. I believe that Zapotlan is in Ciudad Guzman, Jalisco. The confusing part is that the name if his father appears to be Antonio Rodriguez (Annt Rodrig) and not Antonio Ramires. Thomas Ramires mother was Theresa Ramires. Is "Rodrig" a mistake by the church or is " Rodrig" short for Ramires. I'm thinking this is just a simple error by the church and did not want to cross it out to correct.


Thomas Ramírez chose to use the surname of his mother instead of the surname of his father.


Gil Ramirez

I don't understand. Was he a legitimate child? Was this a common practice? Was Thomas's last name Rodriguez or was he Thomas Rodrigo. I'm going to research the marriage between T. Rodriguez and Theresa Ramires. Hope I can find somehting. By the way, really appreciate the help.

Hello Gilberto.

I emailed you privately, through nuestros ranchos but I'm not sure I did it right. Your profile caught my attention because I notice that you have ancestors in Zacoalco and Santa Catarina. Several of my surnames come from this area, especifically from Santa Catarina: Apodaca, Gomez, Moreno, Cervantes, Bonal, Salazar. You can check part of my family tree in the files section and compare it with your genealogy to see if we probably have a common ancestor. I hope we can compare and share some of our research in the future.


Steve in NC.

Gil Ramirez

I registered at Nuestros Ranchos about a year ago but I just started to post a few days ago. I do have the surname Moreno thru my mothers side. My mothers maternal and paternal side also have the surname Moreno. My maternal grandfathers grandmother was Maria Ysac Moreno and her father was Esteban Moreno. Maria Isac was born in Santa Catarina. I also have the surname Gomez thru my maternal grandfather. Maria Ysac Moreno was married to a Jose Gomez. I used to frequent Santa Catarina and Zacoalco about 10 years ago. My brother, sister, father and mother still travel and stay out there. How much do you know about the towns? I will try to look for the private message. I'm just getting familiar with the website. I will keep in touch for sure.

Best Regards
Gilberto in CA

Gil Ramirez

I just found this.
I believe you might be right. I am still not able to find the birth of Thomas Rodrigues(Ramires). I will keep looking, thanks for the help.

I also tried to look for the marriage between Antonio Rodriguez and Teresa Ramires 06 July 1706 using Zapotlan el Grande but the film roll(microfiche) does not go that far back. How are you finding the correct film rolls? Well at least I know that Juan Ramires and Juana de Cardenas were Teresa's parents.


There should never have been doubt that I was right about this.


Steve, my family has been living in Sta. Catarina for many many years. Many of my realtives that include great x6 grandparents were either born and lived in Sta Ana, Zacoalco, Los Pozos or Sta. Catarina. I have the following surnames that start with most recent Ramirez, Arreola, Govea, Castillo, Veronica, Gomez, Moreno, Hernandez, Toscano and then the far distant, Quinones, Oliberos, Andrade, Moya, Bonal, Guerta and many many more.


Wow, we are definitely related! Jesus Gomez and Ysaac Moreno were my 2nd greatgrandparents. My greatgrandfather was their child Urbano Gomez Moreno, who married Elena Curiel. They had several children, including my grandmother Maria Luisa Gomez who married Arnulfo Apodaca. My father is their son Jose Apodaca Gomez. If you still have family in Catarina, I'm sure my father knows them. From what child of Jesus Gomez and Ysaac Moreno do you descend from?

That's great. With you, I am now related to 5 nuestros ranchos members!


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