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Informacion matrimonial Tabasco (Mecatabasco) 1745 -1800

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By isloera - Posted on 17 April 2013

I have been looking for information related to the loeras of Ojocaliente in Calvillo. The oldests records available for loeras are located in Mecatabasco Zacatecas and all are baptisms. Many of the sons and daughters of Ricardo Loera and Barbara Gertrudis Lopez de Nava were baptized in mecatabasco and I was hoping that I could find the records for 1745 -1800 of Informacion Matrimonial but there aren't any available. I was also surprised to find mecatabasco records in the Calvillo Section.

Mexico, Aguascalientes, C...Church Records, 1620-1962 - Calvillo - Señor San José - Información matrimonial - 1748-1815

Does anybody know what happened to the missing Iformacion Matrimonial because that's where the marriage record of the loeras That I'm looking for could be.

Unfortunately, it may be very difficult to find the records you're looking for. Up until the mid-1740s (1747?), Tabasco and Calvillo were under the jurisdiction of Jalpa. Most of Jalpa's church records are lost. From about 1747-1772, Calvillo was under the jurisdiction of Tabasco, and as far as I know there are no IM records for Tabasco before the mid-1800s.

With that being said, you should take a look at the couple of places suggested below, as I have seen Loera family trees there. (I have Loera relatives near Jalpa, so I've been keeping track of what I find.)

1. Diocesis de Guadalajara, Matrimonios:

Claudia Casillas has a wonderful website that is indexing these dispensas, film by film: so take a look to see if there's a direct reference for you to track down.

2. Archdiocese of Guadalajara, Miscellaneous Marriage Records, 1605-1854

It's not clear if these are duplicates of the other dispensas, but I've found Loera family trees (in Caja 134 for example).

And just to leave you with some hope, here's a possible lead to your Ricardo Loera that I have in my database:
Date: October 24, 1833
Place: Calvillo
Source: Guadalajara Matrimonios 1833, Film 168257, Image 2694
Witnesses: Yldefonso Esparza (46); Macario Loera (52); Manuel Velasco (41)
Tronco: A1. Jose de Loera, A2. Francisco de Loera, A3. Gabriel Loera; B1. Ricardo Loera, B2. Vicente de Loera, B3. Victoriana de Loera

Is this YOUR Ricardo Loera?

Good luck!

I have also been looking for the parents of Nicolasa Olaya de Loera and Micaela Olaya de Loera.

I have Nicolasa married to Geronimo Ledesma, and living near Tabasco from at least the mid-1750s. The two children I have for Nicolasa and Geronimo are: Raphaela De Los Dolores Estefana Ledesma Loera (b 15 Aug 1754) and Gertrudis Ledesma de Loera (b ~1750). Estevan Ledesma Loera is listed as the son of Micaela and Geronimo; Estevan is my 6G-grandfather.

I also have Micaela Olaya de Loera married to Geronimo Ledesma and it's possible that Nicolasa was also named Micaela, or that Micaela and Nicolasa were sisters. Micaela Olaya's last name was also given as "Sandoval" several times.

Any leads would be appreciated!

Thanks, Arturo

Thank you for sharing all that information with me. That's seems to be the Ricardo that I was looking for and all the Loeras from Ojocaliente are related. Thanks to the dispensas de Guadalajara website I was able to find Ricardo's father and grand father. I read somewhere that most of the criollos of Calvillo( San Jose de Huajucar o Valle de huajucar) came from los altos de jalisco I don't know if that's true.

Do you have any other tips of places where I can look for loeras around calvillo?

Israel Sustaita Loera


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