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Atemanica, Jalisco

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By rojasdelgado - Posted on 15 April 2013

Hi everyone, my name is Ruben Rojas,I am new to this site and this is my first post.I did research on this and came to a dead end. Does anyone know what Municipality Atemanica belonged to back in 1707. Today, I know it is part of Tequila, but what Church or Municipality did people go to back then if born in Atemanica. I am doing research on my 5th GreatGrand Father, Phelipe de Santiago Delgado. He was born around 1707. He married Ma Magdalena Castaneda in 1732 in Tlaltenango,Zac. His second marriage was to Ma Eugenia Carrillo in 1748 in Colotlan, Jal. His 3rd and final marriage was to my 5th GreatGrand Mother Juana Ynez Catano in 1757 in Totatiche, Jal. He died in Tlaltenango on Sept 18 1786. Three of the Catholic Church records I have say he originated from Atemanica. I researched in both Tequila and Magdalena Municipalities with no luck. I can't seem to find anyone else from Atemanica. Also, on Tequila has an error and is missing years 1698 to 1716 ( which is what I need). They have Bautisos 1684-1810, but its actually 1784-1810. I dont know where else to look. Any suggestions.
Thank You

Hi Ruben,

First, I want to welcome you to this group-- it's a great resource. I wanted to let you know that I have the same questions as you do about Phelipe de Santiago Delgado, as he is my 6th great-grandfather, through his second wife, Maria Eginia Carrillo.

I have hit the same dead end as you have, although I do have Phelipe's parents' names from his marriage record. I'm not sure that the records exist anymore, or perhaps they were not filmed, which is disappointing. I still have hope, but I'm not too sure about where to go next.

Send me a message through the group, and we can compare notes.


Rosalinda, I also have a copy of all three of his marriage records and defuncion but I only see the name of the wifes' parents. Please if you have Phelipe's parents name I would love to know who they are so I can try to research further and share with you.
Thank You

Hi Ruben--

I will follow up with an email to answer your question.



Check the Zapopan´s files, remember that San Cristobal de la Barranca was part of Zapopan in that time, with a little bit of luck you can find it.

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