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By Denise Fastrup - Posted on 11 April 2013


If you want to find a testament for someone who died in 1641 in Aguascalientes, and where it is stated in the death entry that he had heirs (seven children altogether) where do you look? I could only find links to baptisms, confirmaciones, defunciones, info matr, and matrimonios. The person I am researching is Juan Sotelo. I am trying to find out if and how he is related to Francisco Sotelo, and who his parents were.


Thanks Manny and Arturo for the tips! However, my laptop won't cooperate...So I hope another researcher interested in the Sotelos will check out the will Juan Sotelo left! I can only get as far as New Query - at which point the Query page will not open.


Hello Denise et al

Some time ago I had already searched for information in this site and at that time somehow I was able to browse through the files succesfully (serendipity), yesterday I visited the site again and I wouldn´t have had succes had I not seen the tip Armando gave us.

I looked for Juan Sotelos will and it seems to me that it is not available, it doesn´t appear, well, I forgot trying "JUAN ARIAS" maybe that could bring some results.

I did see a document dated on 1654 concerning one Sotelo but it is not Juan, it is a lease contract between Don Francisco de Sotelo and a Mr. Quixas : Mr Quixas is reported as the owner of two houses with orchards and he rents them to Mr. Sotelo; they agree on the price and time frame, etc.. I saw many documents listed containing interesting lastnames as Ruíz de Esparza and Siordia, etc. but most of them are dated in the mid 1700´s.

Juan´s last will must be somewhere and somebody will find it sonner or later, however, another very important will : Fernando de Sotelo´s last will may not be that imposible to find since we already know that it was written in 1625 , some short days before his death in the same year as el padre Ibarrola reports in his book. I´m sure el padre Ibarrola saw the will so it has to be in Morelia´s church files.

As you already know, Morelia´s files in familysearch are hundreds of documents with hundreds of images but knowing the year of the "problem" file will help a lot.

Best Regards

Carlos A. Peredo

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