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Francisco Romo child of Juan Romo and Maria Gabai

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By Denise Fastrup - Posted on 03 April 2013


I came across an indexed record of birth for a Francisco Romo,espl., son of Jn Romo and Maria Gabai. When I went to the record, I saw that the madrina was Lorenza Ruiz de Esparza. I think that Maria Gabai was her daughter. As the Gedcom turned up no hits for a Francisco Romo born in 1659, I thought I would post it here, and ask the forum if Maria Tiscarino de Molina has in other documents been referred to as Maria Gabai.

Here is the link:

it's the last entry on the right hand page.

Here is the citation:

Mexico, Aguascalientes, Catholic Church Records, 1620-1962
Asunción de María
Bautismos 1616-1662
Image of 334
GS film number 299421

Its image 225 of 334.

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