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Castaneda, Carabajal, Carrion

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By casavolver - Posted on 25 March 2013

I am researching my 8th GG-father Juan Castaneda born 10/12/1686 in Pinos, Zac. He married Juana Carabajal on 4/5/1707 at Pinos.

I am stuck on his parents Antonio Castaneda and Thomasa de Carrion.

I have Juana born 7/30/1690 at Guadalajara and parents as Juan Carabajal and Catharina Sanama or Sanabria.

Any help would be appreciated.

Bill, Jaime, Carolyn et. al.
I believe I have found another piece of the puzzle with the Castañeda family. The following: In a dispensa that can be found for the years 1710-1712, image 489 we find the following information:
Sierra de Pìnos - Nicolás de Castañeda y María Gómez Ruíz

It mentions that Nicolás is a native of Sierra de Pinos as well as María Gómez. They share a 4th and 3rd degree of consanguinity. He is the son of Antonio de Castañeda and Tomasa de Carrión; she is the daughter of Matías Gómez and Isabel Ruíz; The genealogy is not fully mentioned, the only information the witnesses give is that both are "bisnietos de dos hermanos carnales"
According to the dispensation, Antonio de Castañeda is the grandson of Pedro de Castañeda and María Gómez is the great grandaughter of Jacinta de Sotomayor. It also mentions that Jacinta was a sister to Blas Nieto. My question is the following: is Blas Nieto somehow related to the Nieto Corona family? This would put all these individuals at the beginning to the first quarter of the XVII century in Aguascalientes-Pinos region.
I hope this will shed forth even more light on this genealogy,
Daniel Méndez de Torres Camino


Ana's sister Maria de Vargas married Juan Delgado (son of Diego Delgado and Juana Diaz). Juan was a widower, having previously been married to Juana de Rivera. It appears that Maria de Vargas and Juana de Rivera were related, since the marriage required a dispensation for 'segundo con tercero grado de afinidad'. The dispensation can be found in the Pinos IM 1640-1699 records:

In the dispensation, Maria's parents are listed as Pedro de Vargas Moriano and Leonor de Cardona

…información dada por Juan Delgado, viudo de Juana de Rivera, hijo legitimo de Diego Delgado y de Juana Díaz, y María de Vargas, soltera hija legitima de Pedro de Vargas Moriano y de Leonor de Cardona españoles vecinos del partido de Sierra de Pinos para el matrimonio que pretenden contraer y el impedimento que resulta de parentesco de segundo con tercer grado de afinidad…

Austin Perez

Does anyone know who were the parents of Apolonia de Castañeda married to D. Alonso de Guzmán y Prado?

Daniel Méndez de Torres Camino
Saludos desde São Paulo, SP, Brasil

Hi Daniel,

The parents of Apolonia de Castañeda are Nicolás de Castañeda and Ana de Vargas Moriano.

Christopher de Cuéllar

In my tree I have Pedro de Vargas Castañeda (b. 1660) m. Francisca Lopez Mercado He lived in Teul and while I haven't yet found proof, I'm fairly sure he's connected to Nicolas and Ana because of the compound surname.

Pedro has a brother Joseph de Vargas Castaneda m. Francisca Vela Castro. Their daughter Micaela - who married the brother of Francisca Lopez Mercado - was identified as "Micaela de Vargas Castaneda Machuca" on the baptism record of her daughter.

- Andrea

I have found that Thomasa’s records show her as "Tomassa de Carrion", daughter of Antonio de Carrion (1645-?) and Francisca Beatriz Rodriguez (1648-1700).
Antonio de Castañeda León y Vargas (1660-1743) was son of Nicolás de Castañeda León y Ruelas Sotomayor (1620-1689) and Ana Maria de Vargas de Cardona (1636-1722).

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