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Found Raphael Femat and Raphaela Aguilar

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By Denise Fastrup - Posted on 10 March 2013

Raphael Femat married Juana Raphaela Aguilar after 14 march 1789 (date of informacion matrimonial) in zacatecas (sagrario). They both state coyote as their caste. These are the parents of Manuel Romo (of aguascalientes) who lived in Nadadores and later San Buenaventura. For more info see the image (637):
Bernardo Mechaca, you were right! Raphael Romo was aka Raphael Femat!
Denise Fastrup
Ps there is a death record indexed for raphaelas mother in aguascalientes..The trail goes on!

Sorry Denise for answering so late, I hadn't read you post (about finding Rafael Romo and Rafaela de Aguila as padrinos for a baptism in 1791) until today while reviewing the thread.

So Rafaela de Aguila was alive as late as Jan/1791.

Also, by certification by the Zacatecas priest, Rafael Femate's second wife Joaquina de Salas was buried on the the 19/Aug/1796.

So this constrains the dates for Rafaela’s death.

By the way, I have found Manuel Romo's (son of Rafael Femat, aka Romo, and Rafaela de Aguila) burial date: 9/Feb/1857 in San Buenaventura, Coahuila. It is stated he was a widower and was 69 years old.

If his reported age is to be trusted (most of the time it is not), then he probably was born around 1787-1788. This would predate their marriage. I’m guessing his reported age is off and he probably was born 1789-1790.

Bernardo Menchaca

Hi Bernardo

I have seen something with the names Aguila and Castorena, mentioned in the baptism you refer to above. Will have to go back and find it! Where did Josepha de Aguila - and her parents - come from...?

Thanks for bringing it to my attention again!


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