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Found Raphael Femat and Raphaela Aguilar

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By Denise Fastrup - Posted on 10 March 2013

Raphael Femat married Juana Raphaela Aguilar after 14 march 1789 (date of informacion matrimonial) in zacatecas (sagrario). They both state coyote as their caste. These are the parents of Manuel Romo (of aguascalientes) who lived in Nadadores and later San Buenaventura. For more info see the image (637):
Bernardo Mechaca, you were right! Raphael Romo was aka Raphael Femat!
Denise Fastrup
Ps there is a death record indexed for raphaelas mother in aguascalientes..The trail goes on!

Hi Rick

Oh yes, he was my grandfather's cousin, and (my mom has told me) considered scandalous with his Hollywood lifestyle and divorce - norms were different back then! Today, speaking for myself, he was an incredible, multi-talented artist.

There were a number of Romo siblings, and its funny how they chose to be buried next to eachother (as opposed to being being buried with their spouse. This you can check out via Find A Grave, I think. I have been to the cemetary two times and seen this myself. Can't recall if Dona Sara (his mother) is buried there.

My great-grandmother Genoveva married Guiseppe Angelo Sarro, who apparently came with a contingent of Italians to Mexico, invited by the Mexican government to settle and start farms in a few specific places. They were promised paradise and landed in chaotic bureacracy in Veracruz, and their final destination inland was a desert-like area. Lives were lost to cholera and heat, and they gave up the project. Some went north and settled in San Antonio, some went to South America, and some went to other places in Mexico. Among those who went to San Antonio were my great grandfather, one or two of his brothers, and their parents. It looks like (i am not 100% sure) that one brother married a German girl, one married an Italian (from the original group - they married in Mexico) and one (my g-grandfather) married a Mexican girl 15 years old (Genoveva ROMO), who had run away from an arranged marriage.


Hi Denise,

Thanks for sharing your family line. Did Genoveva marry before she ran away? If she did marry a first time, do you know the first husband's name?

The story of Emilio being the model for the Oscar statue can be seen in the shape of the statue. He was young and unknown when they chose him as the model. He was extremely athletic and his physique was partially shaped from diving off the cliffs in Acapulco. He had very broad shoulders like you see in the statue.



Hi Rick

Here is what I have on Guiseppe and Genoveva:

Joe sarro immigrated 1883 21 years old, b. May 1862, 17 years in US, according to info from 1900 census
Genoveva b. Jan 1876 also according to census. CENSUS link

Married Antonia Santre 11 feb 1888 - I have not found her in any other records from the US, Mexico or Italy link to marriage record

Married Genoveva 3 dec 1893 in SAN ANTONIO TX. She was only about 15, so I would think it was her first marriage. She was supposed to have married the town doctor, much older than herself. But, she didn't want to, so she and her brother left town and ended up in San Antonio. The rest of the family followed soon thereafter. I have seen the graves of Don Jesus Romo and Dona Josefa Romo (Bustamante) in San Fernando Cemetery. link to marriage record

Information about the Italian project in Mexico in 1882-83:
where the disease which killed 34 of the italians was measles, not cholera like i wrote before. They ended up in San Luis Potosi, Ciudad de Maiz.


Hi Bernardo

I found Rafael Femat and Rafaela de Aguila mentioned as padrinos:

GS film # 1156077 IMAGE 576
Baptisms 1775-91, Nuestra Senora de Belen, ASIENTOS, Aguascalientes

Child: Juan Antonio Chrisostomo
christened: 30 Jan 1791
parents:Esteban Castorena and MARIA JOSEFA DE LA AGUILA




Joseph SARRO

Giovanni-Giuseppe Sarro
Event Type Immigration
Event Date 27 Feb 1882
Event Place New York, New York, New York, United States
Gender Male
Age 22
Birthplace Italy
Occupation Laborer
Ship Name Caledonia
Birth Year (Estimated) 1860
Departure Port Naples
Literacy Unknown
Destination Place NEW YORK
Transit or Travel Compartment Staying in the USA [Transit]; Steerage [Travel]
Affiliate Manifest ID 00000230
Affiliate ARC Identifier 1746097
Citing this Record
"United States Italians to America Index, 1855-1900," database, FamilySearch( : 27 December 2014), Giovanni-Giuseppe Sarro, 27 Feb 1882; citing Italians to America Passenger Data File, 1855-1900, Ship Caledonia, departed from Naples, arrived in New York, New York, New York, United States, NAID identifier 1746097, National Archives at College Park, Maryland.

Rick A. Ricci

Dear Denise ,

You are correct, Emilio is not your second cousin once removed. Emilio Fernandez Romo is your first cousin twice removed. In my immediate family we would just say he is your uncle.


Dear Denise,

It turns out that I had studied your extended family a long time ago. A couple of distant cousins of years had contacted me asking for help in figuring out how their Romo ancestry connected with the Romo family from Aguascalientes and Jalisco. I was unable to prove the connection at that time. Many of those notes were stored away and didn't come to light until ten minutes ago when a light bulb finally turned on and I was able to connect these distant cousins of yours to you as they also descend from Manuel Romo and Maria Ignacia Rodriguez. I will try to contact your distant cousins as I do have old addresses. These Romos spread out through Coahuila and Texas.

Rick A. Ricci

Hi Rick

Thanks for the info! However, Sarro was a common name and more than one Guiseppe Sarro came to the US around turn of the century. My great grandfather landed in Veracruz, my grandfather and my mother have told me. We have a walking cane which was his, which he brought with him from Mexico. My mother told me he came with his parents and brother. He died relatively young - my grandfather was in 9th grade.

My grandfather could still speak a few phrases in Italian when I was teenager. I have tried to find out who his grandparents ( my great-great-grandparents) are, and have finally succeed, thanks to the city directories for San Antonio in the late 1800’s - early 1900s. This information linked Guiseppe to Carmen and Emil, to Angelo (his father), and to Louise (his mother)

Below are the sources I have so far, which document Guiseppe Sarro of San Antonio.


Italian name: Guiseppe Angelo Sarro, stated by my grandfather (his son)

Name in San Antonio directories: Jose, Guiseppe, Joseph Sarro (I have looked at directories between 1883 - 1910)

Name in census 9 june 1900: Joe Sarro (see link below)

Burial Record

Joseph Sarro
Birth Date:
10 May 1861
Death Date:
24 Jan 1924
San Fernando Cemetery #1
Burial or Cremation Place:
San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas, United States of America

Death of Joe Sarro Sr., 1924 - death certificate
Image 312 of 510
Texas Deaths, 1890-1976," database with images, FamilySearch ( : 22 July 2014), Death certificates > 1924 > Vol 001, certificates 000001-000500, Jan, Anderson-Brazos counties > image 312 of 510; State Registrar Office, Austin


Census 1900 (wife mistakenly named as Henrietta instead of Genoveva)
Marriage 1893 - Jenoveva Roma (Romo)
GS Film number 24924
"Texas Marriages, 1837-1973," database, FamilySearch( : 5 December 2014), Joesepi Sarro and Jenoveva Roma, 03 Dec 1893; citing , Bexar, Texas, , reference 2:TM8SVR; FHL microfilm 24,924

1892- Joseph Sarro and Louise Sarro (wid Anton) living on Cassiano st. near RR track I think this Louise is Maria Luisa Greco (Sarro), widow of Angelo (not Anton, unless his name was Antonio Angelo Sarro)


Marriage 1888 - Antonia Santre
"Texas, County Marriage Records, 1837-1965," database with images, FamilySearch( : accessed 11 October 2017), Guiseppe Saŕro and Antonia Santre, 11 Feb 1888, Marriage; citing Bexar, Texas, United States, various county clerk offices, Texas State Library and Archives Commission, Texas Dept. of State Health Services and Golightly-Payne-Coon Co.; FHL microfilm 24923.

GS FILM 24923
San Antonio City Directory:
1887- Carmen, Emil, and Guiseppe Sarro all living at 217 Losoya


1883 Mention of Angel Sarro and Maria Luisa Greco, parents of Carmen Sarro (brother of Guiseppe)
Marriage of Carmen Sarro and Angela Bolner, Ciudad de maiz, SLP, Mex. 03 May 1883
-he 25, from Naples, “zapatero” son of Angel Sarro and Maria Luisa Greco
-she 20 yrs old, from Trento, Tyrol, Austria, daughter of Antonio Bolner and Maria Teresa
-San Luis Potosi, Civil Registration marriages, 1860-1967, ciudad del maiz 1881-1886
-Gs film 722813 image 255 and 261,%20Mexico&msypn=30690&msypn_PInfo=5-%7C0%7C1652393%7C0%7C3255%7C0%7C30690%7C0%7C0%7C0%7C0%7C0%7C&cpxt=1&cp=15&MSAV=1&uidh=2gm&pcat=34&h=1473527&dbid=60444&indiv=1&ml_rpos=4


Story of the Italian colony in San Luis Potosi:

THe Bolner Family History (Antonio Bolner’s daughter married Carmen Sarro in Ciudad de Maiz)

Thank you Denise for sharing your SARRO family information. I too found many Giuseeppe Sarros. There are also many Carmen Sarros, Emil Sarro and Angel Sarros. There are also many Maria Louisa Grecos. These names were extremely popular during this time period which makes it difficult to go back further on these lines. However, all these common names may lead to finding connections between all these similarly named people.

The first person to contact me asking for help in connecting the Romo's from Coahuila and Texas to Aguascalientes passed away a few years ago. There was another person that asked for help that also descended from these families but he has not responded to the only address I have for him. If he ever responds I will let you know.

Thanks again for sharing,

Rick A. Ricci


The parents of Justa Rafaela Aguila are Dn Diego Xavier de el AGUILA and Dna Rosalia VILLALPANDO.

Earlier in this thread, I reported documentation of her death.

Now I have found her baptism record!

This is the link (Aguascalientes, Baptisms, Asientos, Nuestro Senora de Belen 1705-1736):

Image 740

22 June 1732
Antonia Rosalia 8 days old, esp. h.l.
Father: Manuel Villalpando
Mother: Maria de los Dolores
Padrino: Nicolas Vicente de Esparza

In later records (Diego's marriage to Ana Valdes and the info mat for his daughter Rafaela to Raphael Femat/Romo) he has the title Don, and Rosalia is Dona. This is not the case is the records from 1759 (legal case involving his brother in law, more info on this in my post dated 4 aug 2018 in the topic "Villalpando families from Asientos") Nor are these titles used for Rosalias parents in her birth record in 1732. And, Rosalia is noted as espanola, but her daughter is listed as coyota in her informacion matrimonial. From going through the baptisms and info matr. of Asientos I can see that there was a good deal of intermarriage going on beween castas, including spanish women who married mulatto men - even a woman with the title dona who married a mulatto (she was 36 and he was 50 years old). I hope I can find Antonia Rosalias grandparents and maybe solve that mystery. I also hope to find more info on Diego de el Aguila and confirm or rule out his relation to the Indian Aguilas of Lagos de Moreno. These records are a fascinating window into colonial society in the 1700's! Some of the court records are dry reading, but the one I found yesterday was a real tear-jerker. The young woman had her reputation ruined, while the young man later married and had kids with someone else. If I had not read it, and gotten names and relationships of this Villalpando family linked to Diego de el Aguila, I would probably never have found Rosalia's birth record.

Anyone have any relevant info on the above, I'd love to hear from you!


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