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Found Raphael Femat and Raphaela Aguilar

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By Denise Fastrup - Posted on 10 March 2013

Raphael Femat married Juana Raphaela Aguilar after 14 march 1789 (date of informacion matrimonial) in zacatecas (sagrario). They both state coyote as their caste. These are the parents of Manuel Romo (of aguascalientes) who lived in Nadadores and later San Buenaventura. For more info see the image (637):
Bernardo Mechaca, you were right! Raphael Romo was aka Raphael Femat!
Denise Fastrup
Ps there is a death record indexed for raphaelas mother in aguascalientes..The trail goes on!


I got the information about the Aguila surname when I purchased and read the book Bautismos, Matrimonios Y Defunciones, En El Primer Siglo De Santa Maria De Los Lagos by Mario Gómez Mata. It talks about Sebastián Hernández del Águila being a Tlaxcaltecan ally of Cortés and that his descendants founded a Republica de Indios in Lagos de Moreno and later Pueblo de Moya.

He is mentioned in the footnotes on pages 48, 56, and 252.

See also the posts at

I have seen the surname Aguila multiple times in records of Información Matrimonial in Lagos de Moreno and in Aguascalientes. They are always recorded as indios.

You probably already know that a coyote was a child of an indio and a mestiza or a mestizo and an india and the Aguila surname would likley have come from an Indian ancestor, maybe related to the Aguila family of Lagos de Moreno.

See also the following sites -

Notice the author's surname on the following story -

By the way, it was very interesting to learn that Emilio Fernández was the model for the Oscar statuette given away at every Academy Awards ceremony.


Hi Armando

This line has gotten interesting. In trying to find out more about the Aguila name I started looking for others with it, plus looking for Justa Rafaela Aguila's parents. (I even made a post wondering if it was an alternative to Avila). Then yesterday I found this:

Its the marriage record for her father's (Don Diego de el Aguila) second marriage with Anna Maria Valdez, where his first wife Rosalia Villalpando is mentioned. Diego's father was named Don Sebastian de el Aguila and his mother Dona Maria Theresa Lopez de Nava. THis fits with other here at NR which I am sure you have seen, an email by Jaime Alvarado, linking the name Aguila (specifically the names Diego and Sebastian)with Tlaxcalans. Maybe the names Diego and Sebastian were passed down into the 1700's in that family, if it's the same family...thats what I will working on in the coming weeks...

Regards, and thanks for your response and links which I will check later today after Work!



Another good find!

We are advancing, little by little.



This book gives some insight into life and society in Zacatecas in the Spanish colonial period. Kind of dry reading in some sections, but i like the historical perspective it gives to the names and dates i chase...raphael femat/romo spent some time here, albeit in a later period.

Silver Mining and Society in Colonial Mexico: Zacatecas, 1546-1700 by Peter John Bakewell


Hi Bernardo
Yes, exciting! But i could not get beyond Sebastian and Diego, so now i am looking for Joaquina Salas wife #2 of raphael Femat/romo. I want to know why raphael and rafaela called themselves coyote in their info matrimonial. With juana lopez he is espanol and his bapt says espanol. Yet there is no doubt this is the same person, so now i want to see the. Info mat with joaquina...digging through the info mat of zacatecas, sagrario 1782-83. Turns out the records are from 1781 then skip up to 1788 at image 93, but have to keep paging through just in case the 82-83 years are there in later images. Once the year of the info mat is pinned down, it will make it easier to look for manuel romos baptism. It would be good to get that nailed down.


Three years later I discover I pasted in the wrong link in my message of 2017-09-17 07:07. .....

Here is the correct link to image of the marriage of Don Diego Xavier de el Aguila and Anna Maria Valdez:


Hi Bernardo

By chance I found a sibling of Raphael Femat, this is the digital marriage record:

Maria Raphaela Femat, b. Ojo de Aguas, dau of Ygnacio Femat and Antonia de Velazco

married Jose Luciano Ocampo, son of Jose Maria de Ocampo and Guadalupe de Medina
date: 18 May 1805



You are right. She married a few months after the death of her father, Ygnacio Antonio Femat. He was buried on the 9/nov/1804 in Asientos.



Dear Bernardo,

I am very interested in the information that you provided that:

" the Somos Primos web site, el Teniente Coronel Palmerin and his wife have published information that proves that Emilio "El Indio" Fernandez was a descendant of Manuel Romo, Rafael Femat´s son"

Please send me a link or the date of the issue in somisprimos so that I can review and investigate the ancestral lines of Emilio Fernandez

Thank you,
Rick A. Ricci

Dear Denise,
Emilio Fernandez Romo was a close cousin of yours, not a very distant cousin.. The great Grandmother that you descend from is his mother's sister, this would make him your second cousin, once removed. Emilio's mother married twice. Emilio was from the first marriage.

Thanks for providing another Romo line to my book,
Rick A. Ricci

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