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i'm having a hard time reading this dispensation page

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By katy_brecht_quesada - Posted on 02 March 2013

i found the marriage dispensation for joseph roman & josefa cid caldera

it starts on the previous page from the link.

i posted the link to the second page since it states how they are related ( i think)

i'm getting confused when reading it though. i see that pedro carrillo davila, and juan carrillo davila are sibling, but i am not sure how either groom or bride are related to those two brothers

Pº Carrillo Dabila (senior) & Juan Carrillo de Davila were flesh brothers.

First cousins:
Pº Carrillo Davila (junior the legitimate son of the said Pº Carrillo Dabila)and Mª Carrillo (the legitimate daughter of Juan Carrillo Davila) were fist cousins, and grandparents of the groom and bride.

Second cousins:
Mª Carrillo and Pº Sid Caldera (senior) are the parents of Pº Sid Caldera (junior, father of the bride).
Pº Carrillo (junior) was the father of Mª Carrillo (the younger, mother of the groom).

The parents of bride and groom are second cousins (they share great grandparents)

Victoriano Navarro

thank you again victoriano.

I found this page that my help you in your search.

Monica Torres-Rice

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