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Femat and Femá with Romo de Vivar

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By Denise Fastrup - Posted on 24 February 2013

Femat and Femá with Romo de Vivar


I came across this information today:

The name Femá is also written as Femat, judging from two documents:

1. Marriage dispensa for Don Fernando Femá and Dona Teodora Romo de Vivar,
Mexico, Jalisco, Catholic...Church Records, 1590-1995
Diócesis de Guadalajara
Matrimonios 1735-1819
Image 45 of 278

This doc has a tree for Monica Romo de Vivar and two of her sons and their sons and their son/daughter (who wish to marry). One son of Monica has the name Fermin Femá and the other is given as Pedro Romo de Vivar.

2. The Información Matrimonial for Fermín Antonio Femat and
Mónica Romo de Vivar (dated 17/Oct/1715 in Aguascalientes, Sagrario) IMAGE 166 ON THE FOLLOWING:

Monica's proposed husband is named as Fermin Antonio Femat, and his father has the same name (end with a "t", no accent mark)

Denise Fastrup

Proceso de fe de Juan José Aguirre

Fermin Antonio Femat had a brother, Juan Jose Aguirre aka Femate, who was accused of making a pact with the devil. The record of the Inquisition can be read via PARES. I found it by putting the name "Femate" in the search engine. This link to the image might work too:

The case involved a girl. My colonial Spanish is not that great, but the handwriting is easy enough.


I found a baptism for a child of the above named couple:

Image 346
26 July 1721
Child: Joseph Joachin esp h l RINCON DE ROMOS
Father: Fermin Antonio Femat
Mother: Monica Lorenza de Vivar

Padrinos: Bernabe de Leon and Dona Maria de San Juan Femat


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