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about the pedro cid caldera(husband of maria carrillo)

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By katy_brecht_quesada - Posted on 17 February 2013

i've seen trees state that his parents were hernan gonzales and maria cid caldera. i can't seem to find their marriage record. is there any dispensation connecting him to maria cid caldera. the reason why I ask this is because this pedro cid caldera seem to start having kids in the 1640's. if he was the same pedro cid caldera mention in miguel caldera's will, he would've most likely been in his 60's(or possibly even older) when he got married for the first time with maria carrillo(assuming she was his first wife). normally if someone that old(if they were lucky enough to live that long) was getting married, it was their 2nd, 3rd time etc. getting married.

because of this, i woner if the pedro cid caldera who married maria carrillo might not be the the same pedro who was stated in miguel's will.

sorry for spamming this board with questions related to the cid caldera family. the research i've done on this family has left me with a quite a bit of questions since some parts are quite sketchy(like if miguel and maria are full or half siblings)


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