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about the pedro cid caldera and his wife maria carrillo

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By katy_brecht_quesada - Posted on 10 February 2013

i've seen several family trees showing maria carrillo also also being his niece. how was this connect made. I can't seem to find any document showing who maria carrillo's parents are.

I'm skeptical about her being pedro's niece since if i remeber correctly, marriages between uncle and niece weren't allowed.


Which trees are you talking about? I've never seen anything that connected them as uncle and niece. I think I found one dispensa that mentioned her father's name as Juan Carrillo.


i saw a few trees on ancestry . i think one of them was owned by some user named Aguanaval.

Well, I would ask the creators of the trees for their sources-- I've seen plenty of mistakes on Ancestry. I would stick with the contemporary documents, and if the creators of the trees identify a source, then I would follow up. I personally haven't seen a relationship like the one you saw.


i just found this today

i wonder if the owner of the tree assumed the pedro carrillo davila on the tree was the same one who married catalina cid caldera(i haven't found enough evidence to proove this assumption right or wrong.)
i think this tree has some errors in it. first of all joseph roman's mother was maria carrillo, yet josefa cid caldera(her parents are pedro cid caldera and juana rosales)'s name was put under maria carrillo name

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