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By BiblioRanger - Posted on 28 January 2013

Hello group,

I am Ed, and my familial research interest is in both Jalisco and Michoacan.
My maternal side is from Jalisco and around the late 19teens the family moved from Arandas to Irapuato. The family is in the 1930 Mexican Census and my aunts and mother actually still live in the house that lists their family in Irapuato. Anyways, the family moved to Irapuato via D.F. with a stopover in Salamanca., settling in Irapuato by the late twenties. My maternal grandfather Teofilo was a baker, born in Atotonilco el Alto (Morales Alvarez) on 9 Jan 1890 (have his birth both church and civil record) died in 1964 in Irapuato. My maternal grandmother Ramona (Patiño Angel) was born in Arandas, Jalisco on 17 Feb 1895 and died in Irapuato in 1988. They had about 15 children and my mother is number 12.
I’ve been pretty lucky with Family Search and have spent a considerable time on that side of the family.

Among the surnames from my grandfather side: Alvarez Flores, Albarez Casillas, Flores Gutierrez, Flores Marquez, Gutierrez Renteria; Morales Perez, Morales Varajas, Morales Munos, Varajas Lopes, Perez Valdivia, Peres Trujillo, Baldibia Lopes, Lopes Sanches; Villalpando, Sanchez, Villalpando, Placencia, Villalpando, Bela, Lopez, Garcia.

Among the surnames for my grandmother side (goes a bit further): Pati~o Lopez, Pati~o De La Torre, De La Torre Gutierrez, De La Torre Venabidez, Gutierrez de Hermosillo, de Hermosillo Mantel, Angel Rizo Lomelin Navarro, Quiroz Velasquez, Sallabedra Zarate, de Cordova Bermudes, Ornelas Angel, Basquez de Padilla, de Sallabedra de Albarado,

Oldest record I have is 1684 birth of Pedro de Sallabedra in Ayo el Chico, Jalisco.

Places: Arandas, Atotonilco el Alto, Jalostotitlan, San Miguel el Alto, San Diego de Alejandria, Ayo el Chico,

The Morales Alvarez Pati~o Angel ancestor report is here:

About my user name:

“Biblio” – I am an academic librarian
“Ranger” – I am a former Army Ranger. Served in the 3d Ranger Battalion and 6th Ranger Training Battalion during the 80s.

Look forward to contributing and learning from this site.

Hi Ed-- welcome to the group!

I don't have any connections to you, but I know that this group is very helpful. There is an incredible wealth of knowledge here.


Hello Ed,

I also love this site and it has been very helpful for me in my family search. I have also met a cousin on my father's side who I still keep in contact with through this site.

So you will never know what you will learn!

Happy searching!


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