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A Technical Question of the Personal Ancestral File (PAF) use.

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By Jorge Elias - Posted on 27 December 2012

I am trying to print reports (in files) of the data base i have starting with my 6th grand father. There is an option to print a book, and at the end of it make an list in alphabetical order of each person. But even though the list appears in the previous do not appear in the final document. What I am doing wrong?

Estoy tratando de hacer un reporte en un documento a partir de la base de datos que tengo en el programa PAF comenzando desde mi 6o abuelo pero al final con las generaciones más nuevas el documento resulta muy extenso y quisiera poder incluir listas por orden alfabético de los individuos.

Voy a Reportes y en reportes escojo Book y uno de los cuadritos a elegir es el de hacer listas. Lo escojo pero aún así no me aparece la lista de los individuos. Termina con la última generación y ya. A pesar de que en el previou si aparece como si se fuesen a imprimir las listas.

Muchas Gracias por su ayuda.

JOrge Elias


There could be a couple of issues.

One might be the word processor you are using, or perhaps the version.

If you are using the current PC version of Word, after saving the file, press the ¶ button to show the spaces, paragraph marks, and so on. You should then see the control codes for building the index if you are using Word.

Then use the Word command to insert the index. You may have to work with the formatting to make it look nice.

A better way to go would be to use PAF Companion. This does a better job of formatting the reports. You will have to buy this; the PAF and PAF Companion software used to cost about $10 on CD, but I think you can also down load it for the same price.

PAF Companion launches either from within PAF, or can be run separately.

PAF Companion also prints nice charts. I have made charts as large as 3 ft x 3 ft, saved them as pdf files and then had them printed on a large format printer at Kinko and the UPS Store.

PAF and PAF Companion are not as sophisticated as the newer software (and there is not a MAC version that works like the PC version), but for $10 it is hard to beat.

On the MAC, this software runs OK on Virtual PC, but is only a little slower.

George Fulton
Pleasanton, CA

Thank you for the tips and more. I will tray them. Have a wonderful new year.

Jorge Elias
Miami, FL

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