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To Arturo (Webmaster)

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By meef98367 - Posted on 19 November 2012


Regarding the issue of many of us not receiving posts to NR that do appear if we sign in to the forum: one thing I notice is that the same thing is happening to me from accounts of friends and relatives that are not members of NR. I get fooled into opening links to Linked In, etc because the sender is the name of a cousin, etc.

Recently I copied the e-mail asking me to check my cousin's Linked In, and sent it to him. He is not a member of NR. He says he did not originate that e-mail. He has Yahoo. Also, my nephew who has Yahoo and not a member of NR either also told me recently that his account had been hacked, that many Yahoo accounts had been hacked, and that the weird messages I thought he was sending me were not sent by him. He had to delete his Yahoo password and get a new one.

However, like I told Joseph, all that does not account for the posts that don't come through to NR, unless they are from people who have Yahoo? I trust when you have the time you will figure this all out.

Thanks for all the hard work you have put in for the group.


You may get any answer from him either.

I messaged Arturo a few weeks ago and he hasn't bother to answer me either.

Jose Carlos de Leon


Nobody's email is being hacked. The from email address is being changed by spammers in order to make it look like the email is from someone you know. This is called spoofing. The password to a person's email account is not needed to spoof. It is the equivalent of putting a false return address on regular mail. However, it is likely that a computer that has those email addresses had a bot or a virus installed on their computer which then steals the email addresses from the infected computer and sends out the spam. You can read more about that by googling "email spoofing".

The problem with us not getting email notifications is most likely due to a server problem. Since they do not charge us for membership to this website I believe the webmaster volunteers his time. He probably tries to fix it more often than we notice.


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