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Genealogía de Nochistlán antiguo reino de la Nueva Galicia en el siglo XVII según sus archivos parroquiales

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By juanitahenniger - Posted on 18 November 2012

I finally received this copy from my local library and I will have it for a few weeks. Let me know if you would like something looked up.


Rosalva Jordan

Juanita, what information do you have on the Duran family who lived in Nochistlan around El Aguacate and La Noche Buena?


There are quite a few entries for the Duran Family. Not knowing what exactly you need I emailed some images to you. Please check you email. I have sent you some information. Juanita Henniger


Hi there might that book have anything on the De Armas family.

I did not find anything on De Armas family, but there are quite a few of the surnames that you are researching in book. Now, whether they are the ones you are looking for.

Juanita Henniger

do they have books similar to that one about the cities of jerez, tlatenango, colotlan,tepetongo, or huejucar by any chance


Gonzalez De Yslas,Carbajal,Lopez De Lizarde,Gutierres De Hermosillo,Ballin,Gil De Sotomayor,Mondragon. Sorry for asking to much.

You can try searching google books or Borderlands to see if there are similar books that can help you.

Juanita Henniger

I didn't find anything Gonzales de Yslas, but there are a few listings for Gonzales de Islas. Gonzales de Islas -Joseph, Juan, Megdalena, Manuel, Matias, and Nicolas de Dios.

Lopez de Lizarde...(Lopez de Elizalde?)
Lopez de Elizalde y Aberuzza, Juan
Lopez de Elizalde y Burgeno, Leonor
Lopez de Elizalde y Agustin
Lopez de Elizalde Alcalde Ordinario Juan
Lopez de Elizalde Bachiller Juan
Lopez de Elizalde Beatriz
Lopez de Elizalde ACathalina
Lopez de Elizalde Francisco, Juan, Juan de Dios, Juan Luis, Juana, Leonor, Maria, Maria Petra de los Dolores, Maria Saviera, Mariana, Miquel, Nicolas, Presbitero Pedro, Thadeo, Ysabel

Gutierrez de Hermosillo...Francisca, Jose, Juana, Micaela, Miguel, Pedro, Salvador

Ballin....Juan, Nicolas, Ana Josepha, Bartolome, Diego, Geronimo, Juan, Susana

Gil De Sotomayor none..but there is a Vasco Gill

Mondragon...Alonso de, Angela de, Antonio de, Isabel de, Juana de, Marcos de, Nicolas de, Thomas de, Thomasa de

Lol, looks like you should have borrowed this book instead of me. Hopefully, one of these names is one of the ones you are looking for.



Where do I look for the email on the duran family? I wasn't sure if it comes to the website or my personal email. I haven't seen anything yet.


Rosalva Jordan

Correction: This is for Rosalva Jordan --the Duran family

Hi sorry,

I sent you an email earlier and it should have gone to your personal email. Unfortunately, i couldn't figure out a way to email the images to you. If you contact me off list (my email should be in the earlier email) I will then attach the files.

Juanita Henniger

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