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Victoria Ballin

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By abram101 - Posted on 03 November 2012

Does anyone have any info on Victoria Vallin/Ballin she married Juan Sanchez Salgado on 25 Oct 1726 unfortunately their marriage record did not provide me with their parents.So if anyone has any info or can help please feel free to do so.

The only record is a marriage dispensation of J. Manuel Sánchez Vázquez with Ricarda Yañez González in which it states that the sisters Maria Josefa and Victoria Vallin are daughters of Nicolás Vallín. I can't find the reference right now but perhaps someone else will be kind enough to supply it.

Victoria Vallin married to Juan Sanchez. Victoria Vallin is the daughter of Nicolas Vallin and Petrona Ramirez.

Nicolas is the son of Nicolas Vallin and Victoria de Sotomayor. So it seems that Victoria Vallin was named after her paternal grandmother Victoria Sotomayor.

Victoria Sotomayor is the daughter of Juan Montañes and Maria Sotomayor.

Juan Montañes is the son of Juan Montañes and Ana Vicente.

María Sotomayor is the daughter of Andres Martin Camacho and Maria de las Ruelas.

Josefa Manuela Vallin was also daughter of Nicolas Vallin and Petrona Ramirez. Josefa was married to Ygnacio Delgadillo.

Josefa and Ygnacio are the parents of Ygnacia Delgadillo y Vallin who married Juan Lucas Yañez.

Ygnacio Delgadillo is the son of Xptoval (Cristóbal) Delgadillo and Francisca Jil de Sotomayor

I am assuming that Ricarda Yañez González descends from Juan Lucas Yañez and Ygnacia Delgadillo y Vallin.

Nicolas Vallin (Ballin) that was married to Petrona Ramirez married a second time. His second wife is named Petrona De Islas.

I would like to see the dispensa record that Rick Fernández mentioned in order to gather more information on Maria Josefa Vallin and her descendants.

Happy Father’s Day,
Rick A. Ricci

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