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Update on Pinedo research

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By PINEDA37 - Posted on 31 October 2012

I've been meaning to send an email to specifically thank Arturo Ramos for some helpful suggestions that he made some years back about where best to do my Pinedo research. Because I'm still a fairly new lawyer here in Brownsville, TX, I sometimes have to start and stop this research and can't always give it the full time I wish I could. Anyway, I have been making some recent breakthroughs I wanted to share, while searching the Jerez and Monte Escobedo ("ME") records, just as Arturo suggested, as follows:

Juan Anselmo Pinedo m. Margarita de Acuna
-Bartolo Pinedo (b.1766, Jerez)(m. Maria Josefa Gonzalez, 1789 ME)
--Gregorio Pinedo (b.1804, ME)(m. Agustina de Ulloa, 1834 ME)
---Pedro Pinedo (b.1842, ME)(m. Pioquinta Cardoza)
----Nicanor Pinedo (b.1880s?) (m. Emilia Gonzalez, 1914 Tlaltenango)
-----Jesus Maria Pineda (b.1930, Laredo) (m. Rebeca Cantu)

I can provide the specific dates if anyone is interested.

So I guess it's also pretty clear now that my great grandfather, Nicanor Pinedo, changed the spelling to "Pineda" when he came to Laredo, Texas in the 1920s, perhaps because that's how immigration officials spelled it on on his papers.

My follow up question to Arturo -- or anyone else -- is whether anyone has found a paper trail showing the parents of Juan Anselmo Pinedo. From what I can tell on, it appears that he and Margarita de Acuna had several children, but I've not been able to go back further and find Juan Anselmo Pinedo's parents, in part because it looks lots of Jerez baptism and marriage records are missing.

Can anyone help?

Also, I noticed in a baptism record for Jerez in the early 1740s, there was a reference to the child being from "Puesto de los Pinedos." Has anyone ever heard of this place?


Chris Pineda

I think that perhaps your Pinedo's and mine might have some relation. The farthest I have gone with that line is Juan Pinedo and his wife, Gertrudis Acuna. Both were born in the 1740's, and lived in Jerez or its surrounding area. I have not been able to find who were their parents.

Where did your find your record that Juan Pinedo and Gertrudis Acuna were born in the 1740s?

I've noticed the following Pinedo-Acuna couples having children in Jerez between 1750s to 1770s, which would suggest they were born in the 1730s or 1740s.

Juan Ancelmo Pinedo m. Margarita de Acuna
Joseph Pinedo m. Rita de Acuna
Joseph Ylario Pinedo m. Teresa de Acuna
Juan Joseph Pinedo m. Anna Josefa de Acuna

It's strange that there's so many Pinedo-Acuna couples in a town that much have been small at this time...unless these are the same people. It's frustrating that there's no other genealogy records to look at for this time period. Are there other records, perhaps city court records or other records that may have information?

Chris Pineda

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