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can anyone read this

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By katy_brecht_quesada - Posted on 27 October 2012

i found the marriage dispensation for francisco valenzuela and margarita ortega. the writing is very hard to read. i can get the parents names on of francisco's grandfathers names, but the explanation on how the couple is related i just plain confusing.

can anyone comprehend that consanguity part.

For what I understand, they lived like husband and wife for 4 years and had a daughter which they secretly left in her aunt's house, where the child had been raised and is 3 years old or so (tubo amistad carnal como tiempo de quatro años poco mas; en cuio tiempo tubo una hija del susodicho llamada Josepha; a la qual la expusieron secretamante en casa de Bernarda de Gallegos tia de la declarante donde se a criado. Tendra como tres años o poco mas).

About 1 year and 4 or 5 months earlier the authorities separated them since they were not married and sent her to Colotlan (Y que abra tiempo de año y quatro o sinco meses que por el dicho Sr. Vicario se les fulmino causa dobre dicha ylisita amistad y puso en deposito a la declarante que estasygurada en el pueblo de Colotlan).

They are related by second with third degree of consanguinity "por copula ilicita", which is sex among unmarried people.
-The groom (Francisco de Balensuela) is first-cousin of the mother (Maria de Saldaña) of the bride (Margarita de Ortega).

According to the pages in the folloging image:
-Francisco Gallegos was the grandfather the groom and great-grandfather of the bride. He had "copula ilicita" with Juana de Saldaña and from both of them descend the bride and groom (probeniendo de copula ylicita que cometio Francysco Gallegos abuelo del pretenso y bisabuelo de la prestensa con Juana de Saldaña con quien tubo amistad ylicita de cuias dos personas probinieron los contrayentes)
-They had two daughters: Ysabel Gallegos (mother of the groom) and Josepha de Saldaña (grandmother of the bride).

Best regards,
Victoriano Navarro

thanks a lot for explaining/translating what this document was about. the wording in the document was confusing. i wasn't sure how the name josefa saldana fit in the tree.

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