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what does PRIMO-HERMANO actually mean??

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By Joseph de Leon - Posted on 01 October 2012

I'm a lil' confused:

Does primo-hermano mean that both sets of parents are siblins to each other or can just ONE parent from one cousin be a sibling of ONE parent of the other cousin?

My own two oldest brothers married two oldest sisters of another same family. Obviously their children have identical mutual DNA, and thus, they are akin to being all almost siblings. But what if it was ONLY one parent and his sibling parent? Are their children still called primo-hermanos??

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Joseph de Leon

According to the RAE Dictionary:
Primo hermano, na.
1. m. y f. Respecto de una persona, hijo o hija de tíos carnales.

Primos hermanos are first cousins. So, two persons that share at least one grandparent are primos hermanos. Typically they share two grandparents, and in some cases they may share three or all four, like the example you described.

Victoriano Navarro

Thanks, Victoriano!

Jose Carlos de Leon

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