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By Denise Fastrup - Posted on 30 September 2012


I found an unusual name in the marriage records for Aguascalientes - Dona Maria Josefa Brickdale, padrina for Don Jose Luis Ruiz de Esparza(from Valladolid) and Dona Anna Maria Peredo (from Leon).The padrino is Don Pedro de Herrera Leyva. Not someone I am looking for, but since there can't be many Brickdales in Mexico in the late 1700's (1792), thought I would pass it along. The man who wrote the entry was very careful to write the name with "ck" and all the letters in the name are easy to make out.

here is the link

I checked familysearch and found this woman, together with a Simon Herrera Leyba, as parents of a girl: Maria Dolores Loreto Herrera Brickdale:

The christening was 16 dec 1791 in Aguascalientes (Sagrario)
But the marriage record for Maria Josefa was not indexed.

No Brickdale showed up on a search within NR, but maybe someone out there can use this anyway - someday!