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By agutierrez07 - Posted on 26 August 2012

Just got DNA results from 23&me. It shows 90% European. Primarily Spanish, French and a bit of German. Where the German came from...I don't know, yet. It shows equal shares of Northern and Southern European. Ten percent Asian, as my Mother used to say, somos de la raza de bronze y se nos sala lo Indio. As I read the book, DNA USA, the author stated, The orange segments in our DNA show Mexicans are also descended from the First People (as are Native Americans) who crossed into America from Asia. (page 242) Interesting. Although the book covers majority of European and very little on Mexico or Central/South America.

I have found many of my ancestors and have started my family tree. I cannot express my gratitude sufficently to the staff of Nuestros Ranchos for getting me started and helping me in my searches. It has taken me hours of searching through civil and church records but have been very successful in discovering my roots.

A question, should we download our records to help others in their searches?

Congratulations. Why did you use 23&me? I want to do my DNA test, but I am not sure how to choose a provider of this type of service. Any ideas?

Randy McNeal

I just submitted my DNA test through
I know many haven't been happy with the results from ancestry but from the comments I've read it seems that the reasons people are unhappy is due to not researching how people migrated to different parts of the world. For instance many complain that their ancestors were from England but the test results show more Norwegian ancestry and they claim no family from that area. What they don't know is there were many Scandinavian invasions of what is now Great Britain in the 700's so many in Great Britain have this DNA.
Anyway my too long of point is I don't think it matters where you go you just need to be aware that what comes back may look surprising so you may need to do some additional research to make sense of it.

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