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MEXICO wins GOLD at Olympics

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By nc_coleman - Posted on 11 August 2012

In case you missed it, MEXICO has won its first GOLD medal of the 2012 Olympics in Mens Soccer/Football.They defeated Brazil.
Bien hecho! (Today, August 11, 2012.)

I guess this subject is not directly related to genealogy, but it's always nice to see your home country (or the one your ancestors came from) win such an important event. Well, I can try and link it to our target area with a small story I just learned a few days ago. Both my wife and I grew up in a town in Jalisco named Zacoalco de Torres. Years ago, when she was a kid, she knew this family who lived right next door to her. She tells me that she and her brothers used to play hide and seek with the kids of this family every now and then. A couple years later, the family moved. Just the other day, my wife was calling her dad, and he told her that one of the kids they used to play with became a soccer player, and he was actually with the Mexican team in London. His name is Miguel Ponce, and even though he played as substitute, he was one of the lucky ones receiving a gold medal today in London. He is probably the first person growing up in my hometown Zacoalco who obtains an Olympic gold medal.

Steve in NC

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