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Zacatecas, Zac

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By anna1m - Posted on 14 July 2012

Greetings to all: In reviewing my records of ancestors from Zacatecas, Zac I have the following questions and am hoping someone can help me follow thru with these leads:
(1) Oral history has said the "Nestora Rodriguez (vd de Gonzales) was the daughter of an Englishman and was raised by a relative. Her father was the chief of the office responsible for the State of Zacatecas' money known as Casa de Moneda. " These were the exact words of my relative giving the oral history. For Nestora I have found potential relatives who may have raised her as Timotho Rodriguez and Candelaria Esquivel and Epigmenio Ensina and Sirita Rodriguez.

(2) Can someone please provide me with pictures of the following address: Callejon del Indio Triste No 59

(3) Potentially my ancestor lived at (reference found in Barrios de Zacatecas by Fidencio Berumen) "Esta casa del magnanimo espanol, es la que antano occupara la Jefatura de la Zona Militar, en la calle que lleva el nombre de Juan de Tolosa, casa que fuera propiedad ultimamente de la testamentaria del Dr Brena, y en la actualidad de la familia Kuri Brena". The reason why am I trying to locate leads to this entry is because of again oral history that told me: "She had servants and lived in a 3 story mansion in Mexico Citry. This mansion was locate behind the Cathedral on Calle del Reloj and in fron of the Treatro Alarcon" Two different cities but may be refering to same location as I am not familiar with the areas mentioned. Also where can I follow thru on "la testamentaria del Dr Brena".

A lot to ask for yet I am grateful for any assistance as this has been pretty much a brick wall for me. My grandmother never wanted to speak of her early life and I found out why.

Thanks - Anita


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