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wedding certificate translation help

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By chenlong17 - Posted on 01 March 2012

Iam having difficulty with a document. Could anyone help me translate this document?
I really apreciate the help!

can you provide the link to the document, it will be easier to view and enlarge the document with picture manager.


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Iam having difficulty with a document. Could anyone help me translate this document? I really apreciate the help!

It says that Cosme Felix de la Villa Bugarin and Maria de los Reyes got married in Zacatecas on August 14, 1675, got nuptial blessings in Mexico City on January 16, 1676, and this was recorded in the archives of the Church:

In Mexico City on January 16 1676, with the presence of the Doctor Garcia de Leon Castillo priest of the Sagrario of this Holy Cathedral of Mexico Church, the Bachelor Joseph de los Reyes, priest, gave the nuptial blessings of the Church in the church of the Hospital of Our Lady, to Cosme Felix de la Villa Bugarin with Maria de los Reyes, being witnesses Juan de ¿Albilsur? and Juan de ¿Dia?, present, and based on their testimony that ¿their date? in the Church of Our lady of Sacatecas, on August 14, 1675. For sure they -Cosme and María- are married, such testimony shall be in the ¿commandments? of this Archive of this Sagrario for the record at all times.
Victoriano Navarro

thank you so much! so does this mean that there is a testimony in zacatecas? and why will they be at a hospital? this almost sound like a proof of matrimony and not a new matrimony.

This is the link

2nd on the right,


I don't think the ceremony took place in a hospital as we know them. It took place in the church of a Hospitalary Religious Order, which would provide hospitality to the sick and/or travelers on premises close to their church. It is indeed a proof of matrimony and there should be a marriage certificate and maybe even marriage informations in Zacatecas.

I once saw a document like this one from Parral, Chihuahua, from the late 1700's. The groom married the bride by proxy about one year earlier in another State; meaning that the groom did not attend his own wedding but someone else was there representing him. I guess the bride wanted a somewhat real wedding with the groom present and thus they had the nuptial blessings ceremony.

Victoriano Navarro

Thank you all for the help i really apreciate it!

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