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Rosales and Amaya, Ejutla, Jalisco

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By coronaarechiga - Posted on 20 January 2012

Someone had mentioned they were researching the Amaya's in Autlan--but I can't locate the post. In case anyone is interest: I have Bernarda Amaya (also spelled Amaia or Amalla) married to Juan Rosales-Mexia 14 oct, 1728 in Autlan. He died 24 Aug, 1737 in Ejutla and the entry mentions he was the owner of the Hacienda de El Limon. Their children were:

Maria Gertrudis who married Juan Francisco Garcia de Alba on 19 Feb., 1746 in Ejutla.Juan Francisco's parents were Manuel Garcia de Alba and Nicolasa Santa Ana.

Juan Antonio who married Anna Frafaela Comenares on 17 June, 1762 in Autlan

Juan Vicente who married Maria Josefa Cardenas on 7 Jan, 1767 in Ejutla.

Bernarda Amaya married Pedro Castill on 7 July, 1738 in Ejutla
Bernarda died 14 Jan. 1749 in Ejutla; aparently the result of an accident.

I suspect the parents of Bernarda Amaya may have been either:
Agustin Amaya and Nicolasa Caceres or Miguel Amaya and Elvira Caceres; but I haven't been able to prove anything and my hunch is based on the names of the padrinos of baptisms of the children. Deedra Corona

Hello Deedra:

I was the one who posted the topic about the Amaya's. My ancestors were Juan José Olivera and Juana María Amaya, I have four registered sons from them going from 1772 to 1779 all from Autlán. No more info. about this couple.

I'm Rosales Mejía too, my ancestor was Antonio Rosales married with Gertrudis Caro y Rentería (I don't have her parents) and Antonio's parentes were Manuel Rosales Mejía and María de Contreras y Vízcaino, she is a descendant from Sebastián Vízcaino, possibly a natural son of the viceroy Luis de Velasco y Ruíz de Alarcón. Have you any further information about Manuel Rosales Mejía? or from the origin of the Rosales Mejía family? I don't know from where does this compound surname comes from.

Besides this, I have Arechiga also in my family tree.

I will really aprecciate if you have any of these answers.

Thanks in advance.
Enrique Agraz

Estherraquel Rosales Schoendienst


I am new to researching my family tree, I am not sure how to find more information. I have searched through and have built a Rosales Tree back to about 1750. My Rosales's come from around your area, but you seem to be further back! My oldest Rosales is Joseph Antonio Rosales born abt 1750 in the San Nicolas area of Jalisco. Can you make a connection or advise me where I should search next.

Esther Rosales

Hi Esther,

Well let me tell you that I have a José Antonio Rosales married with Gertrudis García de Alba in 28 January 1731, this are my ancestors too but considering the date of possible birth of your José Antonio, it wouldn't be possible to be the same. They had a son named Antonio José Rosales married with María Micaela de Villalvazo, I hope this may be useful.

I would like to know the name of your ancestor's wife, so with that information it would be easier for me to trace your line back. You said you have searched through, I recommend you to use marriage certifiFor sure you'll find there various birth certificates and possibly acate of your ancestors. Also, if you don't have a marriage record, you can use the godparentes information to see if they were the grandparents or the uncles of the child.

Follow those advices and I think you'll finf some new info. contact me in any case if you want some help.

Enrique Agraz

Enrique and Esther,

I'm search the Burials in Ejutla, Jalisco and came upon this notice from 1760 for Joseph Antonio Rossales, married to Maria Gertudis Garcia de Alba. Image 61.

Deedra Corona

Hi Deedra:

Thank you so much for the info. and the link. If you need any fact about the Rosales family let me know.

Enrique Agraz

Hello Enrique,
Can I ask you how far back have you gone with your Rosales line? Do you have an idea who are the parents of Juan Rosales Mexia? and what is the origin of the name combination of Rosales-Mexia?

I am convinced his wife Bernarda's parents were Agustin Amaya and Elvira Casares. I have not found a document that names them explicitly, however, Agustin used the name Velasco up until about 1704, he died in El Limon, Ejutla in 1746--and when I checked the census in Autlan in 1748 I found all of Bernarda's children listed with the children of Agustin's other children (cousins). Do you have any other insights?

Thank you,
Deedra Corona

I also have a Rosales y Mexía line:

An 8th grandmother was Xaviera Hurtado de Mendoza y Rosales y Mexia, wife of Juan Francisco Noreña Guevara y Martínez de la Vega. She was daughter of Miguel Estanislao Hurtado de Mendoza y de Lubiano & Gertrudis Rufina Rosales y Mejía.

Miguel and Gertrudis married in 1712 in the S. Metropolitano, Guadalajara, Nueva Galicia. In their marriage it is specified that he is from Patzcuaro -son of Jacinto Hurtado de Mendoza and Agustina de Lubiano y Ortega- and that she -Gertrudis- is the daughter of Manuel Rosales y Mejia and Antonia Romero Maldonado.

The baptismal record of Gertrudis does not add any other information except that her father Manuel is a Captain.

Enrique, could this Manuel Rosales y Mejía that married Antonia Romero Maldonado be the same as your ancestor that married -first or second nuptials- María de Contreras y Vizcaíno?

Best Regards,

Hello Deedra and León:

Firstly, Deedra I've been trying to connect your Juan Rosales Mejía with my ancestors and here is what I have, hope this helps you. I looked at your ancestors marriage certificate in Ejutla in 26 Feb 1726, the record only states that they were "velados" but it doesn't mention they were "casados", I see you have another date for Autlán, some months before and I imagine that certificate doesn't mention too the names of their parents. I see the padrinos were Agustín Rosales Mejía and Gertrudis de las Ruelas, I imagine this could be the Agustín that was the son of Manuel Rosales Mejía and María de Contreras y Vízcaino. If that, Juan could be maybe the brother of Agustín that was baptized on 1677 but by the date he married in 1728 he should have had 52 years and he would be really old by that time. Well, by now that is what I have. I'll be searching for other possibilities and also for your Amayas', I haven't also succeeded with mine.

León, as a first thought I imagined your Manuel Rosales married with Antonia Romero, could be the son of Manuel Rosales and María de Contreras y Vizcaíno baptized in 1674, but when I saw he had one son with Antonia Romero in 1686, it came up to my mind that in fact he could me the same Antonio Rosales married to María de Contreras, the only way of knowing that it would be by checking the death records, so we could see if María de Contreras had died before, so it will be understandable that Manuel married again with Antonia Romero. Have you already checked the baptism godparents of Antonia Romero's children? I will be also interested in checking the death date of María, with that information will have an answer to your question.

In general, I also think it would be interesting to know the origin of these surname, probably it was by the union of to important lineages, like another cases. Hope someone could tell us or ourselves can solve that.

Enrique Agraz

Dear Enrique,

Thank you so much for your interesting comments. I will take a look and search for those records regarding the Captain Manuel Rosales y Mejía.

I only have another data to add: The marriage record of Gertrudis Rosales y Mejía/Miguel Hurtado de Mendoza mentions that both parents of Gertrudis were deceased (1712). Gertrudis was baptised on August 8th 1694 -Tonalá- but I do not remember the name of her godparents. Although it is another theme but have you heard of other Romero Maldonado in the area? I have been trying to find the parents of Antonia Romero Maldonado but without success. I think that perhaps she is related to Captain Leonardo Romero Maldonado

Best regards,

For Esther, Enrique, Leon, and all NR members who may find this helpful.

Again, I was searching through the Matrimonial Information records during an increasingly frustrating search for the Rosales family line. I found this:

Seems like another piece of our puzzle. Any Ideas, please let me know. To me Manuel and Antonia Maldonado may be parents of Juan Rosales-Mexia. Also I'm sure you have seen the Matrimonial Dispensation for Elvira Amaya--who I personally believe is the sister of Bernarda Amaya (no absolute proof). This Manuel Rosales gives testament in the Dispensa.

The odd thing is that Elvira is listed as 16 y/o, which means she would have been born about 1717, but Elvira Casares died 30 Nov. 1713.

Deedra Corona

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