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Traduccion de certificado de defuncion-ayuda/ death cetificate help

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By mazochoa - Posted on 08 January 2012


Ojala que alguien me pueda ayudar traducir este certificado de defunción, de Cayetana Espinosa, primera esposa de mi bisabuelo (x3). Entiendo que dice los nombres de los dos y en seguido "de 40 años", se supone que es su edad de ella o el (como ya he visto varias contradicciones de edad en otros registros). Cualquier otro detalle para el marido Cecilio, o causa de muerte de la senora, sería apreciada.

Gracias por la ayuda.


I am hoping that someone can help me translate this death record, for Cayetana Espinosa first wife of my great (x3) grandfather. I understand that it says her & his name followed by "40 years old", is that supposed to be his or her age (as I have seen several contradictions of age in other records). Any other details for the husband Cecilio, or cause of death for the wife would be appreciated.

Thanks for the help.

Hi Monica,

21 de septiembre de 1839 – Aguascalientes
En la Santa Yglesia parroquial de Aguascalientes a 21 de septiembre de 1839. Yo, el cura vicario [latin] cura de limosna en el campo Santo de San Marcos a María Calletana Espinosa, casada con Cecilio Barrientos de quarenta años de edad hija legítima de Rafael Espinosa y María Francisca González. Que murió el día anterior a las onse de la noche en el Barrio de Guadalupe de fiebre escarlatina, le confesó. En fe de ello lo firmé.
[Rúbrica] Dr. José Ygnacio Pérez.

This record states that the burial took place on 21 Sep 1839 in Aguascalientes. The officiator was Dr. José Ignacio Pérez who sounds like the parish priest for limosna or those who could not afford the full funeral service, which usually was done free of charge or someone else took the debt. María Cayetana Espinosa was 40 years of age married to Cecilio Barrientos and was the legitimate daughter of Rafael Espinosa and María Francisca González. She actually died the previous day 20 Sep 1839 in Aguascalientes of scarlet fever. She confessed. Dr. José Ignacio Pérez signs.

Daniel Méndez de Torres Camino

She died at 11pm.

Thank you for the translation. I appreciate it!

This death certificate brings more questions that maybe you could help me with. As it reads "de 40 anos". This man my 3x great-grandfather was married several times I am evaluating all of his marriage, children's baptismal, death etc. in search of relevant details as I have not located his birth or death certificates. This marriage certificate Cayetana (Calletana) and Cecilio states he was 22 and she 14 in May of 1834.
( &

Could this be a discrepancy in the record, or am I mistaken is my research somehow? What do you think? (Other than this detail the information matches and I am just a bit confused.)

Best regards
Monica Ochoa

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