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1820 Padron (Census) of Jalpa, Zac

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By ArturoG - Posted on 22 September 2011

I've scanned in the images from the 1820 Census of the Parish of Jalpa, Zacatecas. I hope they'll be useful to you, especially since the records for Jalpa in the early 1800s are so scant.

You can download the zip fie from here:

The complete file is about 50MB.

As I understand it, houses or households are separated by a long line. But there are a few symbols that I can't figure out, such as those found in this image:

The names have a cross next to them--does this mean the person has been confirmed?

There's also a symbol that looks like the Greek letter PSY. Sometimes it's next to a name and other times it's given by itself at the end of the household.

There's also a number that sometimes is given at the end of the household, but I can't figure out what this refers to. Sometimes it's next to a name and other times, next to the symbol that looks like the Greek letter PSY.

Any input would be helpful.

Arturo G

I am beginning to index these 12 Census images. In my PDF I will Bracket
(Translations I Am Unsure Of) If there is someone else who researches this Area; Calvillo,Ags. - Jalpa, Zac. - Huanusco; who would be willing to review the questionable translation sections I would appreciate it.
... Or Please let me know if someone else has already indexed these images.

Estoy empezando a índice de estas 12 imágenes del Censo. En mi PDF voy a poner entre corchetes
(Las traducciones no estoy seguro de) Si hay alguien que investiga esta zona; Calvillo, Ags. - Jalpa, Zac. - Huanusco; que estaría dispuesto a revisar las secciones de traducción cuestionables yo agradezco.
... O Por favor, hágamelo saber si alguien ya ha indexado estas imágenes.

Thanks for doing this. I would be glad to help with the review the translations.

Best Regards
Austin Perez

In looking at the Pi Symbol which is found below a group of names and then often followed by a number.. I am thinking this is a "P" which sometimes looks like a P and sometimes like Pi
.. I am comparing it to letter in a persons name especially in image 8, the left page.. on the left column. the 6th group of names The name is Maria Petronilla
written as a PI symbol. The Next name is Pedro Antonio Cartucho. The P in Pedro is the traditional style P letter.

In thinking about the P ..... ( Insert No. 1, 2, 3)
Perhaps it was for Parvulo.. Todlers.. and meaning not yet confirmed ? Is this church census Naming those confirmed in the church ?
Or Perhaps.. P for Pagano Pagans.. not members of the church ?
Al analizar el símbolo Pi que se encuentra por debajo de un grupo de nombres y luego a menudo seguida de una serie .. Estoy pensando que esto es una "P" que a veces se parece a una P y, a veces, como Pi
.. Me estoy comparando con letra en un nombre de las personas sobre todo en la imagen 8, la página de la izquierda .. en la columna de la izquierda. el 6º grupo de nombres El nombre es María Petronila
escrita como un símbolo PI. A continuación el nombre es Pedro Antonio Cartucho. El P en Pedro es la letra P estilo tradicional.

pensando en un P ..... (Insertar Nº 1, 2, 3)
Tal vez fue por párvulo .. .. todlers y significado aún no confirmada? Es nombrar este censo iglesia los confirmados en la iglesia?
O tal vez .. P .. para Pagano paganos no son miembros de la iglesia?

Reguarding the Church ceunsus and the Line at the end of each families name with the "P" and a number following. i am thinking that perhaps the "P" in these Documents may be a Donation; solicited at the time of the Church census. "P" for Pago meaning payment.

En cuanto al censo de la Iglesia y de la línea al final de cada nombre de las familias y la "P" con un Numero despues de ella. Estoy pensando que quizás la "P" en estos documentos puede ser una donación; solicitado en el momento del censo Iglesia. "P" para el pago

Donde se encuentra este censo , esta en linea ?

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