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Where is Rancho La Taberna & La Huerta de Jesus

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By mackgm - Posted on 23 August 2011

Can someone tell me where I would look for records for La Taberna and La Huerta de Jesus. I was thinking to look in Zapotiltic for Rancho La Taberna and La Huerta for the latter one. Would this be correct or could someone guide me to the correct locality? Could it be one of the other nearby states I should be looking or is it still Jalisco? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Hi Ani:

I think you're correct in the location of both places. My greatgrandfather was from La Huerta, Jalisco and people there commonly called it "La Huerta de Jesús María".
In my own experience, when you look back for records before the 1900's, it is very common to find the baptisms, marriages, etc. in Purificación or Autlán that are near from there.

Thank you Salvador for replying. I really appreciate it. I guess I'm the only one looking for my husbands family in tomatlan and el tuito. And now some of the baptism/marriages state that is where i need to look next. I'm glad someone knew the area. Now I'll just cross my fingers. :) have a great day!

Anisabel Santamaria

Deedra Corona
There is a Rancho La Taberna near Union de Tula. The problem is that the files are not indexed. Nearly all of the people living there now have the last name of Perez. Good Luck

Thank you Deedra for responding. I'll add it to my list of "where else to look". :)
Anisabel Santamaria

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