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Another de Villalpando document...

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By 1traviesa - Posted on 20 August 2011

I came across this document and need some help understanding it...

Amalia Hernandez-Arias

Hi Paul,

Do you have any more info on Juan Manuel Villalpando and Maria Gertrudis Soto, I may be related to them.

Daniel Méndez Camino

The two were married 20 Feb 1757 in Teocaltiche, Jalisco, MX. To date I have
only been able to discover one child: Maria Albina de Villalpando born abt

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Hi Paul,

Do you have any more info on Juan Manuel Villalpando and Maria Gertrudis
Soto, I may be related to them.

Daniel Méndez Camino

Edgar Olguin Diaz
hola mendez torres
una pregunta
juan de villallapndo es el padre de tomas de villalpando esposo de maria beles?

existe algun documento donde venga los padres de tomas villalpando esposo de maria beles?

yo desciendo de tomas de villalpando y de maria beles.


Dear George Fulton,

After you gave information on my Villalpando family I was so happy to finally have the connection of the Villalpando family from Jalostotitlan to nochistlan Zacatecas to Aguascalientes. I am still interested in continuing researching the Villalpando family but became distracted by other branches of my family. I recently came upon new information on a branch of villalpandos in Arandas/Ayo el Chico. I was able to connect these Villalpandos to Guanajuato Since the villalpandos from New Mexico are also connected to the Villalpandos from Guanajuato it seems that we seem to be getting closer to connecting all these Villalpandos. The Villalpando family name has also come up in my research into Toribio Hernandez Santillana's ancestors though only as living in the same region in Spain.

In my research of the branch of Villapandos from Ayo el Chico/Arandas that connects to Guanajuato, I have come up with some interesting information. Some of these married into the Hernandez Gamino family from this area. these Villapandos carry a second surname attached to the Villalpando surname. They were known as Flores Villalpando. In some cases they dropped the Villapando, and in other cases they dropped the Flores.

The manner in which the the Villalpando families from Guanajuato, Zacatecas, Teocaltiche, Jalostotitlan, Arandas / Ayo el Chico kept alive their family connections to each other and to the family in New Mexico gives me hope that future research will bring everyone together. The flores Villalpando family surname may be a clue that we need to find more connections.

Thanks again for your help,
Rick A. Ricci


This is good news! Thank you for the update. I have not looked at this family for some time; however I posted my basic research under my name here at NR.

George Fulton

Dear George,

Short Summary Review of how the Villalpandos from Aguascalientes/Zacatecas/Jalostotitlan/ Taos New Mexico/ Texas / Guanajuato/Arandas-Ayo el Chico-Tepatitlan are connected. Ther is another Villalpando branch in Mexico City.

Tomas Villalpando is married in Aguascalientes and is found later to be residing in Guanajuato. He is a contemporary of my ancestor, Gabriel Villalpando who marries Leonor Sepulveda in Aguascalientes. Their son, Jose Manuel Villalpando moves to Nochistlan, Zacatecas where he marries Josepha Beatriz Rodriguez Bajo y Ponce.

Diego Villalpando, (Gabriel's father) and Tomas are most likely related but we do not know how closely at this time. Diego

Tepatitlan and Jalostotitlan are close, about 40 minutes apart, but the two Main Villalpando branches are not closely related unless it is through the Ponce lines.

The Villalpando (Flores Villalpando) from Arandas/Ayo el Chico that I traced to Gto most likely descend from the Juan Antonio Villalpando and Josefa Flores (Aguascalientes) that you have listed in your file. The family line must have gone from Aguascalientes to Guanajuato to Arandas/Ayo el Chico Some of these descendants use Flores Villalpando as the surname. These same descendants drop the Flores at times and just use Flores. I saw a record where they dropped the Villalpando and kept the Flores surname. These Villalpando repeatedly intermarry with the Hernandez-Gamino family. One family member also marries into the Ponce line which may be connected to the Ponce line from Zacatecas.

We know that a branch of the Villalpando family from New Mexico came from Leon, Guanajuato.

I see that The Villalpando branch from Jalostotitlan that I descend from is not in your file. This line goes from Aguascalientes to Zacatecas to Jalostotitlan, Jalisco to New Mexico back to Jalostotitlan. My line only went through New Mexico when these Villalpandos went to Taos New Mexico to visit relatives long enough to have a child there and then moved back to Jalostotitlan.

You haven't updated your Moctezuma file to show Petronila as a descendant. Court records show that she was also named in court documents in some of the battles over inheritance. These court documents are confirmation that she is one of the "other five children". Plus the document that I saw with my own eyes confirm that this is the same Petronila married to Martin Gabai el de Navarro. It seems that the nickname surname Navarro did not begin with Martin Gabai. I have found some Gabai in Spain also using de Navarro/Navvare in earlier times

I want to thank you again George for all the work that you do,
Rick A. Ricci

Dear George Fulton and Emilie

I believe that I have found out some interesting information on my ancestor named Gabriel Villalpando. I would like to first repeat George's and Emilie's input.

George wrote;
> There is a Gabriel de Villalpando named in the Aguascalientes matrimonial investigations: He is the son of Diego de Villalpando and Da. Ysabel Losano, his propective bride is Da. Leonor de Sepulveda, daughter of Marcos de Sepulveda and Da. Mariana de Lomelin.
> See the Aguascalientes Matrimonial Investigations, volume for 1702, image 205. It is dated 15 Apr 1702.
> There is also a Cristobal de Villalpando, son of this Diego de Villalpando (see volume for 1704, image 46).
> Hopefully this is the right Gabriel!
> George Fulton
> Pleasanton, CA

Then Emilie joined in and wrote:


That Gabriel Villalpando is the brother of my husband's ancestor Mariana de Villalpando.


Information as of November 14, 2015:

Gabriel Villalapando, Cristobal de Villalpando and Mariana Villalpando are the children of Diego Villalpando and Ysabel Losano de Gardea.

Gabriel Villalpando was married in 1702 to Leonor Sepulveda y Lomelin per marriage records dated 15/April/1702 in Aguascalientes.

Leonor is the daughter of Marcos de Sepulveda y Lopez de Elizalde and Mariana Lomelin y Gomez Hurtado de Mendoza. [Mariana descends on both sides of the family from businessmen(merchants) that conducted business/trade with Christopher Colombus' father and his business partners]

Gabriel Villapando's son Jose Manuel Villalpando was married to his second cousin, Josefa Beatriz Rodriguez Bajo Ponce, daughter Bartolome Rodriguez Bajo and Thomassina de la Rosa de Ulloa, daughter of Pedro de Ulloa Marquez and Josepha Sepulveda Lisaldi y Roxas

Marcos de Sepulveda y Lopez de Elizalde and Josepha Sepulveda Lizaldi y Roxas are siblings and their parents are Juan Sepulveda el mozo and Leonor Lizalde (Lopez de Elizalde)

Thomassina de la Rosa Ulloa christened 3/Apr/1672 in Nochistlan, Zacatecas is a descendant of Moctezuma II through her paternal grandmother, Maria Ruiz de Esparza.

Maria Ruiz de Esparza is the daughter of Lope "el menor" Ruiz de Esparza and Francisca de Gabai

Francisca de Gabai is the daughter of Martin Gabay "el de Navarro" (aka Martin Navarro) and Petronila Valderrama Moctezuma ( aka Petronila Sotelo Moctezuma aka Petronila Moctezuma)

Petronila Is the daughter of Diego Arias de Sotelo and Leonor Valderrama y Moctezuma

Leono Valderrama y Moctezuma is the daughter of Cristobal Valderrama and Leonor (Aka M.) Moctezuma ,

Leonor (aka M.) is daughter of Moctezuma II.

Getting back to Gabriel, Cristobal, and Mariana's parents who are Diego Villapando and Ysabel Losano de Gardea.

Ysabel Losano de Gardea is the daughter of Cristobal Losano and Mariana Gonzalez Gardea.

Mariana Gonzalez Gardea is the daughter of Alcalde ordinario Alonso Martin Bermejo and Isabel Lopez de Gardea (aka Isabel Perez aka Ysabel Gonzalez)(died 23/Sep/1638.

Isabel Lopez de Gardeas's parents are Martin Perez de Gardea and Mariana Gonzalez de Ruvalcaba, daughter of Alonso de Rubalcaba and Beatriz Lopez Fuenllana.

Pedro de Ulloa Marquez and Josepha Sepulveda Lisaldi y Roxas have another daughter that I descend from: Maria de Ulloa who married twice. I descend from Maria Gabriela Martinez de Alcazar(Aka-Xaviera Martinez de Alcazar) who is a daughter of Maria de Ulloa and her first husband, Blas Martinez de Alcazar.

Maria Gabriela(aka Xaviera) Martinez de Alcazar and Francisco Vallejo Ramirez Cornejo are the parents of Blas Geronimo Vallejo who is married to Maria Antonia Lomelin

Blas Geronimo Vallejo Martinez de Alcazar and Maria Antonia Lomelin are the parents of Maria Gertrudis Vallejo y Lomelin, baptized 19/Dec/1749 in Jalostotitlan Jalisco. I descend from Maria Gertrudis Vallejo y Lomelin.

Blas Geronimo Vallejo Martinez de Alcazar also has a first cousin by the name of Blas Vallejo. In the early stages of my research, I had confused these two Blas Vallejos. The first cousin Blas Vallejo was married also to an Antonia, and these two Antonia's are most likely related to each other through the Lomelin family. My Blas Geronimo Vallejo ancestor was married to Maria Antonia Lomelin. The first cousin Blas Vallejo Herrera is married to an Antonia whose maternal grandmother is also surnamed Lomelin.

Francisco Vallejo Ramirez Cornejo had a brother named Lucas vallejo Cornejo. I also descend from Lucas Vallejo. Lucas Vallejo had a son named Jeronimo who had a son named Ygnacio Ferrera Vallejo who was a sergeant and moved to California and became part of the early history of the state of California. The history of the beginnings of this branch of the Vallejo family is forever memorialized in the early California state papers through the writings of his son Mariano Vallejo.

Sargento Distinguido Ygnacio Ferrera Vallejo (aka Ygnacio Vallejo Herrera) was born 29\Jul/1748 Ygnacio Vallejo married Maria Antonia Isabel de Lugo and were the parents of General Mariano Vallejo. General Mariano Vallejo is even invited to visit the White House by President Abraham Lincoln. Ygnacio Vallejo's son Mariano and nephew had access to books and an education that few others in California had in the 1800's. Because of ignorance and jealousy, Mariano was excommunicated by the Catholic Church. Mariano Vallejo was known for helping those in need.

I am a descendant of the Lugos from Teocaltiche Jalisco. At this time I have not been able to connect the Teocaltiche Lugos to Maria Antonia Isabel de Lugos family.

The Vallejo, Lugo and Alvarado families were all related through marriage and played a big part in early California history.

As to questions regarding Juan Manuel Villalpando and Maria Gertrudis Soto whowere married 20 Feb 1757 in Teocaltiche (Nuestra Senora de los Dolores). I found that one of the children's baptism record that I believe may list Gertrudis Soto as Gertrudis Saucedo. Cross checking other records may show this couple to be a different couple or that Gertrudis Soto may also have been known as Gertrudis Saucedo.

Juan Manuel and Marcos were common names that were repeated often in the different Villapando family branches.

Hi Rick and George

I am going through baptisms in Leon, mid to late 1600s.

I came across Marcos de Villalpando and Catalina Lopez as padrinos in 1676 for a child (padres no conocidos).

Any idea if its the same Marcos in image 31 mentioned in your post, George? Was Catalina his first wife?

This is the first time I see the name Marcos Villalpando.
I have seen Juan multiple times.
Other Villalpandos are Francisco, Nicolas, Josepha, Magdalena, and Jusepa.

Marcos and Catalina are mentioned on image 100:


"México, Guanajuato, registros parroquiales, 1519-1984," database with images, FamilySearch ( : 20 May 2014), León > Sagrario > Bautismos de españoles 1636-1715, 1718-1748 > image 100 of 598; parroquias Católicas, Guanajuato (Catholic Church parishes, Guanajuato).


Villalpandos of Leon
Submitted by R.A.Ricci (not verified) on Mon, 2011-08-22 21:45.
Is this Lopez come from the Lopez Elizalde. Is there Any mention of a Gabriel de Villalpando as a son of thos couple in any of your records?
R A Ricci
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Date: Mon, 22 Aug 2011 12:48:22
Subject: [Nuestros Ranchos] Villalpandos of Leon

I took a quick look in the first volume of Leon marriages (1636-1787) to see if there was any mention of Tomas de Villalpando and Maria de Veles.

The beginning of the volume is in pretty bad shape, and appears that a substantial number of pages are missing. There is very little from the 1630s, a little from the 1650s.

I found only two records of interest:

image 31: Marcos Villalpando and Maria Lopez, Espanoles, married 16 May 1680.

image 41: Francisco de Candelas married Catharina de Villalpando (daughter of Nicolas de Villalpando and Juana de Resina Vallesilla [I'm not sure if Vallesilla is part of the name], married 23 Jan 1689.

Tomas is not mentioned in either of these documents.

George Fulton
Pleasanton, CA

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