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Gerardo Lomelin

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By lisa - Posted on 01 June 2011

Hello Everyone, I need help with my 7th grgrandparents Gerardo Lomelin and Josepha Delgadillo's parents. Gerardo and Josepha were married 24 Nov 1728 in Nochistlan, but there parents are not listed, and there is no informacion matrimonial for that year online. Can someone tell me how to check to see if there is information for that year.

Thank you

Hi Lisa,

This has happened to all of us that one marriage record where parents are not listed
or "no conocido", etc. I find it annoying, but the search must go on. I have several
Nochistlan lines that go to this period 1710-1727 or so where the parents are not
listed. Your best bet would be the bautismos to see if any Gerardos are in there.
I only have one Gerardo de Lomelin baptized 7 Dec 1678 it is a strong possibilty
this may be your ancestor I say this because the Lomelin usually stayed in Nochistlan,
only after the XVII century did they heavily marry outside Nochistlan. This Gerardo
was son of Gabriel de Lomein and Melchora de los Reyes. You could also
try looking for a death record. Pin pointing when he had his last child whether
it says ya difunto o vivo, this creates a time frame when he should have died. You
should do the same Josepha Delgadillo.

Daniel Méndez Camino

Lisa Cruz
Thank you Daniel for the help. I will continue to look.

Dear Lisa,

Gerardo Lomelin and Josefa Delgadillo had at least two daughters that married two brothers. A third brother also married a girl surnamed Lomelin that I suspect is also a daughter of Gerardo Lomelin and Maria Josepha Delgadillo. I am also stuck at Gerardo Lomelin and Josepha Delgadillo. I was hoping that you would provide the information that you have on this family so that I may be able to put it together with the pieces of the puzzle that I have. I’m hoping that puttting the pieces together will provide more clues.

Rick A. Ricci

Josepha's parents are George Delgadillo and Clara Alvarez Tostado.

Here is my source

Thanks Alex for Josefa’s parents. Do you have any clues that I can try to follow up on Gerardo Lomelin’s parents?

Thanks again,
Rick A. Ricci

Unfortunately no good tips. I have an unmarried Gerardo Lomelin as being the son of Gabriel Lomelin and Melchora de los Reyes Delgadillo Perez de Frias. He was baptized 7 Dec 1678 in Nochistlan

Thank you very much Alex Mercado for your very important contributions. The marriage dispensation that you shared connects to lines that i have extending for many generations.

Thanks again,
rick A. Ricci

Dear Alex,

Gerardo Lomelin, son of Gabriel Lomelin and Melchora de los Reyes Delgadillo Perez de Frias, does fit the time frame, the location, and the family connections as Melchora De los Reyes Delgadillo’s Family had many connections with Clara Josefa Lomelin’s mother’s family. Hopefully one Day we will find the evidence.

Thanks again,
Rick A. Ricci

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