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Pedro de Anda de Sierra de Pinos (died 1619, intestate)

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By Claudia_Reynoso - Posted on 25 March 2011

Hello fellow members of NR:

I wanted to share this find regarding a CAPTAIN PEDRO DE ANDA (whom I suspect to be the son of Pedro de Anda & Isabel Gutiérrez de Altamirano) and a lawsuit that was brought up by his illegitimate daughters that he had with a native Indian woman and also an African slave woman: Biblioteca Publica del Estado de Jalisco; Bienes de Difuntos; 17th century; leg. 1, exp. 16, folio 49r.

A short explanation can be found in the book called "Sexuality & Marriage in Colonial Latin America" edited by Asuncion Lavrin.

The section called "The Warmth of the Hearth: 17th Century Guadalajara Families" was authored by Tomas Calvo and a snippet can be found here:

The paper asserts that this CAPITAN PEDRO DE ANDA had a half-brother named ESTEVAN DE ANDA, who challenged PEDRO's illegitimate daughters in a lawsuit after PEDRO died: 3 who were born from an Indian woman and one--a MARIA ORTIZ--was born from a love-affair between PEDRO and an African slave-woman.

I hope this will help some members with their research.



Thank you so much for brining this to light at least to the group. I had heard of the book but never found it worth purchasing or studying. I could have not guessed what was contained in the book. The Anda Altamirano family and some important facts are in there.

We’ll have to study it a bit further and now you have sparked something in me to continue searching this line. Where did you find reference to Isabel Gutiérrez Altamirano married to Pedro de Anda? Couple years ago I had found something about a Isabel Altamirano Castilla married to a Pedro de Anda but could not figure out if it was the same Pedro de Anda. I was also rejected for proposing such a “theory.” I have searched my records and cannot find that record I had found years ago, eventually I had thought of “saving and storing it away for later use” but now I can’t find it.

I have tried connecting the Anda Altamirano to that of Hernando Gutiérrez Altamirano and Francisca Osorio de Castilla. You mentioning this Isabel Gutiérrez Altamirano married to Pedro de Anda could be the link. Also, my Isabel Altamirano de Castilla and Pedro de Anda. I was never sure if all these people were the same.

Thanks again,

Daniel Méndez Camino

I'm on the same boat as you--have not been able to link them. That's why I wrote that it's my suspicion. We have to keep searching for a source that will vindicate us. :)


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