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Alvarez/Campos Family

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By Carol Lester - Posted on 30 January 2011

Thank you so much for this info! I have been stuck for years with this couple.
I have never been able to find either of their parents and you have solved this
for me. I am so very grateful. Will I be able to find this same info of the
grandparents on familysearch? I live in Ohio and all our films must be ordered
from one of the branches of the LDS Church. Senon Paulino would be my fathers'
4th great grandfather who married a Maria Campos. Senon or Paulino, as some of
his records call him,also had a son, named Rafael Alvarez, married to Viviana
Alva Valensuela. I have never been able to find his documents for his birth or
christening. This couple had a son, Melecio or Melecio Alvarez who would have
been my grandfather and my fathers father. My father, Amador Alvarez,was the
son of Melecio Alvarez and Sara Campos Mota. I have not been able to find birth
or christening record or death records for Melecio or Rafael. Would you be able
to search for these names for me? I
f not it is alright. Perhaps you could tell me where I might be able to search
for them. Thanks again, you have cracked the mystery of Jose Alvarez and Ana or
Francisca Campos for me!!

Warm regards,
Carol (Campos) Lester
---- wrote:
> Carol
> Is this couple Jose Maria Alvarez and Maria Francisca Campos? If so, they were
married 25 Aug 1836 in Tlaltenango de Sanchez Roman, ZAC (image #558 in
marriages for 1821-40). This names their parents, and notes there was a
dispensation for second degree consanguinity. They might be first cousins!
> I have seen cases where the first names of the women vary a bit: Ana Francisca
could be the same as Maria Francisca; she could have been known as Maria, Ana,
or Francisca in various records. Since the birth records name the grandparents,
this would tend to prove that she used various names
> If this is true, which I suspect it might be, then there is a fair amount of
information in the Tlaltgenango de Sanchez Roman and Momax, Zacatecas records.
> Jose and his bride were actually first cousins (they are both grandchildren of
Antonio Campos and Eufracia Castaneda.
> Briefly, the records I found are:
> Marriage record for Jose Maria Alvarez (s/o Juan de Dios Alvarez and Maria
Rafaela Campos) and Maria Francisca Campos (d/o Francisco Campos and Ana Maria
Cornejo), 25 Aug 1836, Tlaltenango de Sanchez Roman
> I found baptismal records for three children of theirs:
> (1) Lorenso Hipolito y Caciano, chr 10 Aug 1837, Momax, ZAC (image 176);
grandparents are as listed in his parents marriage record
> (2) Pedro, died within about 1 year, Momax
> (3) Senon Paulino de Sta Agripina, chr 23 Jun 1839, Momax
> Ana Maria Alvarez d/o Juan de Dios Alvarez and Maria Rafaela Campos chr 7 May
1808, Tlaltenango de Sanchez Roman. Grandparents: Antonio Alvarez/Prudencia Rita
Serrano and Anton/Campos/Eufracia Castaneda. (film for 1800-1809 image 500)
> Maria Francisca Campos was chr 28 Mar 1814, Momax (film 1811-14, image 44),
d/o Francisco Campos and Anna Cornejo; grandparents, Antonio Campos/Eufracia
Castaneda and Rafael Cornejo/Rita Carlos
> This is not all the information available for these families, but it is enough
to give you the basic relationships.
> The fact that Jose and his bride are first cousins is unusual, as this is not
something that a dispensation is commonly given for!
> I used the old family search website for the indexes, and then went to the
digitized films for the Zacatecas towns on the new website. Since the records
for these towns appear pretty good, you may be able to go back farther.
> George Fulton
> Pleasanton, CA

Francisco Campos (19 oct 1784 ) hijo de Antonio Casimiro Campos y de Francisca Eufracia Castañeda (26 ap 1742)..nieto de Manuel de Campos y Maria Antonia Luna y de Pedro de Castañeda y Juana de Escobedo ( éstos últimos por confirmar con acta de eufracia) Antonio Campos y Eufracia se casan en TepechitlAN EL 5 MAR 1764 M60081-8 film 445047
Pedro de Castañeda (6 may 1711) hijo de Fernando de Castañeda y Antonia de Cobarrubias
Leticia Reynoso

Eufracia Castañeda era hija de Jose Manuel Castañeda y Maria Antonia de la Torre.


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